Project 366: Day 247 Storm Front

This photo is untouched, and I took it with an iPhone during my morning walk on August 1, 2012 around 6:45 am.

When I shared this photo with friends and family outside of the blogosphere, the comments I received related to the ‘clear blue sky’. Funny thing is … the sky was not clear. There was a storm front approaching, and I loved how scenery looked against the dark sky.

Little rain was received, and the storm passed quickly. If one had slept past 8am, s/he would not have known about the rain. May your storm fronts be as beautiful when they approach and pass as quickly, with little notice.



21 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 247 Storm Front

  1. We just had a storm pass through, albeit with much more obvious skies, and I thought about writing a post on how I love summer storms. I’m disappointed that my weekend plans need to change, but sometimes a nice afternoon “stuck” inside isn’t a bad thing.

    There is some very subtle yet telling shading to the sky in your photo. I’ll bet it would make a tricky jigsaw puzzle.

    1. Apparently there were quite a few thunderstorms while we were on vacation. Still, this summer seems to have been without many storms. Like you, I love summer storms, and I was sad we didn’t have more this year.
      A jigsaw puzzle!! I like the idea, and I am certain it would be tricky.

  2. The Mister loves storms. We get some spectacular electrical storms coming across the bay in front of our house. I have to admit I don’t care for storms. I’m a fair weather girl at heart. 🙂

    1. I’m with your husband in regards to storms. As a kid, I remember sitting on the porch of the Big White Cottage at the Shore and watching lightening storms across the way on PEI. It fascinated me. FASCINATED me. Yeah, I’m a fan of dark and stormy nights. 🙂

  3. It seems like storms have a way of bringing the most unusual / interesting light…
    (as you’ve captured so well here, Ms. D)…
    it’s a fascinating… haunting kind of beauty…
    so nice!

  4. Photographs give different perspectives but seems to me it is the viewer’s point of view that breathes life into a photo. This is a beauty!

  5. Gorgeous, vibrant colors and contrasts in this one. Love it. No one would know there is an ocean and peninsula beyond that field. This and that candle flame sun set make me say, “Hhmm, the atmosphere sure does create incredible yet deceiving visuals,”

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