Project 366: Day 226

With school back in session, the boys and I are spending more time together in the car.

This morning, Joe and Charlie were discussing a trade. Joe wanted the crackers in Charlie’s lunchbox, and he was trying to negotiate a deal. While stopped at a red light, I captured the moment when Joe offered to buy Charlie a new Lego set, if he handed over the crackers.

Because Charlie believes everything Joe says, he seriously considered his offer; however, because I know Joe does not have money for a Lego set, I prevented the deal from taking place.



24 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 226

  1. Hmm, smooth talker ‘n cool pursuader. Shoulda had that pair when I went through the car fiasco.

    Your boys make for good laughs, Lenore.

    Blessings to you and the family – Maxi

  2. Impressive persuader! And impressive you to have taken such a beautiful picture, sealing this sweet moment with it.

    I am told WP is not sending notifications of my posts to people. If you’re one of them, please do refresh your subscription. 🙂

    1. Priya, I’ve been out of town and have fallen behind in my reading. I am still getting your notices. I will come visit you today. Promise. Thank you for visiting me, in spit of my ‘disappearance’. And, thank you for your kind words regarding the photo.

    1. Oh SIG. Joe would take advantage of your quick responses. Let me tell you this now … he is scamming you. There are no Legos in the deal. Next time, hold on to your crackers. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Linda. I love this picture, because I easily see Charlie as a baby again. The way his hands are on his face along with his facial expression. Aw. Makes this Mama weep.

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