Dog Gone Good Contest: Vote for the Top Dog

Holy tail waggers, Batman! Picking the top five was tough! Really tough! (Seriously really tough.)

Many thanks to each and every one of you that sent me a picture of a pup you love. I never thought I would receive over 20 entries. I was amazed with the response. After my amazement, I was cranky, because I had to narrow it down to five. (Who had that bright idea, huh?)

As I noted when I introduced this contest, the winner will receive a gift certificate for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In addition to the ice cream, I will make a donation to the winner’s animal charity of choice.

What I did not mention was my intention to make a donation for each and every entry. When I started this contest, I planned on donating $10 to Noah’s Ark for every entry I received. I did not expect to receive 26 entries. 26! Rather than go back on my initial plan, I will simply set up a payment plan and keep my word.

So on behalf of Noah’s Ark, I thank you for taking the time to send me your puppy picture. Even if your entry did not make the top five, your entry is making a difference in the lives of animals and children. I am certain the good folks at Noah’s Ark will make good use of the $260 donation I am making in honor of all of the participants.

Sha’woo. I’m nervous. Okay – deep breath.

Here are the top five Top Dog finalists. (Click on one picture, which will lead you to the slide show.) Please vote for your favorite now through Saturday July 21st at Midnight (ET). I will announce the winner on Sunday July 22nd. Once you’ve voted, please watch the movie I made, which includes shots of all the pups that entered.

Thanks again to all the pups that entered! I hope you enjoy the movie.


55 thoughts on “Dog Gone Good Contest: Vote for the Top Dog

  1. Great movie Lenore. I am glad that, my entry is making a difference in the lives of animals and children. Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to be part of such a wonderful cause.

  2. Yay! Reggie is honored to be included in the top 5!

    BTW – After watching your movie, I have no idea how you narrowed it down to just 5. You must have gone through several pints of ice cream!

        1. Oh MJ… Frankie almost made it to the top 5. I swear I had a dream about him the night before this post published. It was so, so, so very close. Thank you for watching the movie. (Reggie is too cute, eh?) 🙂

  3. Sunny was very happy to learn of her fame this morning. 🙂 Thanks for the great contest idea and there are so many good shots of gorgeous dogs .. we’re all winners for having a wonderful four-legged friend to capture in the first place!

  4. Great contest! I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed that Chicklet didn’t make the final cut, but every single photo you received was fabulous. What a tough job narrowing them down. And thank you so very much for making the donation to Noah!! At the end of our summer vacation, we are going to adopt a guinea pig, and we’re getting it from a shelter (that I hope will still have one available).

    1. Chicklet is adorable, Sue! Absolutely adorable! I hated not bringing those sad eyes into the top five. The decision was not an easy one, I assure you. Thanks for looking to adoption with regards to getting a new pet. May you enjoy your newest family member when you get him/her. Thanks again for entering, Sue!

        1. Oh Shelby! You are an awesome puppy!! I will send your Mom our address, but you could keep the $10 and put it towards another charity if you’d like. I’m sending you a big ol’ hug, and tons of scratching and rubbing ’round the ears.

    1. Thank you for voting, Caroline. Narrowing down to just five was very, very tough. Part of the reason I included the movie was to show how many winners entered. Frankly, 26 winning dogs entered! (smile)

  5. This is sooooo awesome! I somehow narrowed it down to my final vote, but I don’t know how you got to 5, Lenore! And thank you so much for doing this, and for your generous donation. You rule!

  6. Have you ever considered becoming a brand ambassador for Ben & Jerry’s? You’ve accomplished an almost impossible task with their help, you know!

    Bulu sends his woof.

  7. OMG they are all SO, SOooooo cute! I don’t know how you narrowed the field to 5. You did a great job on that soul-tugging video. And God bless you for your generosity to Noah’s Ark, Lenore. You’re good people.

  8. OMG! I don’t know how you whittled those entries down to 5. I’d have had to close my eyes and point. They are all so good. Thanks for the video. This is a great concept. Sometime, when I have some time to spare, I should try to do this for cats.

    1. Thanks for watching the video, Linda. I wanted to make sure all the dogs were recognized, because – as you noticed – there was not a bad one in the bunch. Narrowing it down was not easy. I did stress over it. I hope you do decide to do a contest for cats.

  9. Beautiful pics, all of them, but I had to vote for Reggie — the cutest. I would love to contribute to your donation — is there a way I could send you my share for my photo entry? I agree with a previous commenter: seriously.

  10. I just have to repeat what everyone has been saying…
    I do not envy your task of having had to narrow down all those entries to 5! Brutal! They are all winners, of course… and even more-so because of your generosity, Ms. D!

  11. Okay, I voted with a few hours to spare!! Thanks for your reminder on FB!!! And by the way, when do you want me to send Andy along??? I am home now but would not mind having him a bit longer unless someone is chomping at the bit to get him!!! Just email me and let me know what your timetable is!! BTW, he was fine when I got home…Flat Andy can be retired!

    1. I just emailed the next hostess. I will let you know when she responds. Thank you for voting, Beth Ann. I am happy to see you returned home safely, and your house was still standing. Good to know Andy ‘babysat’ responsibly. 🙂

      1. Andy did great!!! I still need to take him to a cornfield…..he has seen a lot of other places but not much of Iowa so I may have to take him on a blitz tour!!! 🙂

  12. I had no problem choosing the dog that I voted for. When I saw the picture the first time, I knew it would be the only dog I would possibly choose over my own submission.

    Great, awesome, wonderful job with the contest, Lenore!

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