Project 366: Day 199

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside this crazed/manic brain of mine? No, eh?

Well, if I have at least tweaked your interest, my picture for today is a good example of my brain. And yes, I went in closer, because I knew you were curious. (Please don’t forget to vote for the Top Dog! And, tell your friends to vote, too. Click here.)




21 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 199

  1. And I thought my refrigerator was covered! You win. I love the turkey and the boys artwork. Also, the coke bottles are so cute. You are taking great advantage of the space to display things you love.

    1. As I told Georgette – it’s a cluttered mess. I like the turkey, too. I think Joe made it in Kindergarten. (He’s starting 2nd grade this year.) The fridge is not current with the artwork display. (smile)

  2. That’s awesome! I love fridge displays, and magnetic poetry! I noticed ‘dog’ made it to the top of the fridge – speaking of, I’m off to Tweet to tell people to vote in the contest!

    1. I noticed ‘dog’, too, Jules. It was not planned, I assure you. I didn’t notice it until I posted the picture. Funny. We are a dog family – 100%. Thank you for tweeting about the contest!

    1. It is a cluttered mess, eh? So many of the pictures are years old. And the artwork was done while the kids were in daycare. I’m not too swift when it comes to updating things. (smile) I like the memories, though.

  3. I hope you keep this picture till you are old and grey and life has slowed. To always remember “when” 🙂

    1. The kids and Rob are concerned when they find me sitting on the floor, frantically moving around the word magnets. I’m glad they haven’t video taped my madness. *shudder* 🙂

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