Project 366: Day 192

A month ago (or more), the dogs attacked a snake. I am sorry to say that the snake did not survive the ambush. Rather than try to describe the large size of the snake, I will simply tell you that vultures circled our house waiting for the dogs to go inside.

This picture lives on my computer Desktop. I did not intend to include it in my Project 366; however, I feel proverbial vultures circling me. These carnivores are watching me push the papers of incomplete posts from one side of the desk to the other, avoiding completion. They are looking to swoop in and snatch the things I want to complete. Hopefully, this week, those vultures will be gone, and my posts will be published.



16 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 192

    1. It is Wednesday morning, and I’ve yet to post a picture for today. Those vultures are chomping at the bit. Well, if they had a bit, they’d be chomping at it.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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