Project 366: Day 155

JoJo the bunny is a source of constant entertainment for us. I had bunnies growing up, but the bunnies lived outside in a pen. Having an indoor bunny is a whole different kind of fun. We find ourselves laughing, as we watch this bunny channel a dog one minute and a cat the next minute.

One thing is for certain, JoJo, like all of us, enjoys a little lounge time. I hope you find some time to lounge today, and I hope you take some time to give thanks for the good in your life.



28 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 155

    1. Beth Ann, he cracks me up the way he just hops up on the chair and plops down. Who knew rabbits could be so cat-like? I didn’t. Contentment. For certain.

  1. Who’s bunny? I feel like this is a school pet that got sent home for summer? 🙂 We had bunnies growing up… ours were tamed house pets, ran free, litter box trained. They were AWESOME! Came to find us when called and everything! Great pets. Great, great pets.

    1. JoJo belongs to one of Joe’s friends. He and his family are in India for the summer, and we are watching Jojo until they return. He is litter box trained, though he’s been known to leave one or two poops here and there. He is a great pet, Deanne. He is super friendly, very entertaining, and sweet.

  2. Oh! I didn’t realize you had a bunny! And that she looks just like my Zelda…in rabbit form, of course. Are rabbits affectionate at all? I know there’s a range of personalities. A friend in college had a rabbit that was skittish and a bit nippy, but I knew another woman in grad school who had a friendlier rabbit, though still not exactly “cuddly.”

    I want one.

    I did not just kiss the screen where his little nose is. No, I did not, nosiree.

    1. Should have read the previous comments first! That’s where I would learn that you are bunny-sitting and that JoJo is sweet and super friendly. Yup…still haven’t gotten back into the swing of things! 😉 I clearly need to start commenting more regularly again!

      1. Ha. And I should have waited to reply, so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself. In any case, I’m glad you are getting started in getting back into the swing of things.

    2. Leonore! It is good to see you again! Are you back to writing? What’s new? How’s tricks?

      The bunny is just visiting us for the summer, because his owners are spending the summer in India. Jojo is a great bunny. The first time he hopped up on the chair/couch I was shocked. I never thought he’d try to sit with us.
      He is as frisky as a cat, as well as curious as a dog. (He sniffs everything!!)

      1. Now I need a bunny!

        Yup, I’m coming back to writing (never stopped reading, though!) I’m working on a quick ‘come-back’ post and starting a few more substantive ones. I’ve really missed it, but it was a tough semester in some odd ways, and I guess I needed a break more than I realized. But now I’m itching to get back 🙂

        1. Well, I am glad this picture brought you back into my stream of comments. Thanks for letting me know you stopped by the place. 🙂
          I’m itching for you to be back, and I look forward to your writings.

      1. Gosh, when I first read this really fast I thought you said the blanket makes him “poop’ and I thought “she should really get rid of that blanket!” I thought maybe the blanket was near the computer back a few days ago … oh well, never mind. I’m wandering and it is very late at night here! Why am I on my com”pooper”? Good night!

        1. Hahahaha! Donna, you crack me up. “She should really get rid of that blanket.” I’ll remember that advice should Jojo ever take to pooping on the blanket.

  3. Cats and bunnies apparently have a similar smell. My sister-in-law had a bunny that chased the cat (in the house). I love bunnies, thanks for sharing JoJo!

    1. As I said, the bunnies we had were outside. Having this one inside and house-trained is such a treat. He scampers around like a frisky cat. Cracks me up. Of course, then a poop pops out where it doesn’t belong, and well …. *sigh* 🙂

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