Call for Support :: Animal Rescue Organization in Need

My apologies in advance if any of you are offended by my posting a call for support. I am blatantly asking for monetary donations for an animal rescue organization I support. In the past, I’ve shared my story regarding Pick of the Litter, and I am grateful for the continued care our former pooch receives. (Our Pick of the Litter : My Story)

Today, I come to you with a letter from the Director of Pick of the Litter, Elise. Due to zoning issues, she is being forced to relocate her facility. She is in need of loans to make it happen. Please take a moment and read her information. At the end of the letter, I’ve attached the document that goes with her letter. Thank you. Continue reading “Call for Support :: Animal Rescue Organization in Need”

My Contribution to SHINE

Jacquelin Cangro writes, “In an effort to continue on my path to living more deliberately, I’m starting a new section of the blog.  The  germ of the idea came to me when I was volunteering for a non-profit organization by writing articles for their website. All of the articles were positive stories featuring kids or adults who were making a difference in their communities. Each interview left me inspired and humbled.”

She continues, “…This section is meant to be just that: a repository for uplifting stories about everyday people who are following their dreams. Maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps or share their stories with your friends. That’s why I’m calling this page SHINE. I hope it will spread some light and warmth.”

I approached Jacquelin, asking her if I could submit something about my animal rescuing friend, Elise Cohen. Elise runs a not-for-profit animal shelter called Pick of the Litter. Elise runs this shelter alone. Continue reading “My Contribution to SHINE”

With All Our Heart

I received an email from a friend of mine who runs an animal rescue organization. A fundraising event is in the planning/preparation stage, and my friend asked me if I would help. The date and location are set, but items are needed for the raffle and silent auction. (All proceeds raised for the fundraiser will go to her organization, Pick of the Litter, a  non-profit a 501c3 organization.)

Instantly, I posted a shout-out to my Facebook friends, asking for donations for the raffle and auction. Happily, I received three responses. Robin H. gave me a hand-knitted baby blanket, Robin C. is looking to see about getting items from KONG (the pet toy company), and a third friend – whose name is not Robin – sent me the following note:

“Lenore – My little company, DesignsByHeart, creates and sells products to help support animal rescue, rehabilitation, and education… I have a couple of products I can donate to this auction. Can I somehow send them to you and have you get them where they need to be? Email me, and give me the scoop on this. I’d love to sync up with this organization somehow… Thanks friend!!” Continue reading “With All Our Heart”