Proof ELBaEWaDs Do Exist (But you must look fast!)

I had two things on my agenda today: 1.) Shower 2.) Laundry

Before I started the second load of laundry I had an epiphany. Wait. Let me look up the definition of epiphany, because I tend to use words without knowing the meanings.

Okay, the word epiphany works, because I was in the midst of a revealing moment.

My moment of realization – my epiphany –Β  came with the following thought: If I were to take my shower first and begin the second load of laundry after the shower, I could wash what I was currently wearing. I might capture a glimpse of the ELBaEWaD!

Amazing, eh?

What? What do you mean you don’t get it?

Oh. My apologies. Like me, you’ve never seen an ELBaEWaD, right? Like me, you were probably told countless times that ELBaEWaDs are incredibly elusive and always short-lived. Perhaps, like me, you questioned their existence. Well, question no more! They do exist! ELBaEWaDs exist!


Empty Laundry Baskets and Empy Washer and Dryer

Behold the ELBaEWaD: Empty Laundry Baskets and Empty Washer and Dryer


Sadly, the ELBaEWaD will exist for approximately four hours. Once the boys return home, the laundry basket will no longer be empty.

Fear not! For I will not let the short life span of ELBaEWaDs bring me down. After all, I captured the moment. I captured the ELBaEWaD and all its glory. I will relish in my captured moment, until the ELBaEWaD surfaces again. And, it will surface again. Oh yes, it will surface again.


38 thoughts on “Proof ELBaEWaDs Do Exist (But you must look fast!)

    1. But … but … I have proof! The picture shows empty baskets and an empty washer and dryer! I swear it happened, JLynne. I swear! Dare I dream it will happen again?!

      1. I believe you, truly, but you may go down in history as some mythical dragon slayer…..
        Or maybe you have come across some Star Trek worm hole thing – you may wake tomorrow to find women with full baskets of laundry standing in your front yard hoping for help !

  1. I’ve never actually seen an empty laundry basket. Let me look again! WOW. They really do exist.

    1. I’m glad, Linda. I haven’t had a chance to write a comment, yet, but I am going to check out the book you wrote about. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Hahaha…
    I had no idea this existed! Boggles my mind! Seriously… this is a hoax, right? Like… the Bigfoot of laundry? Green screen? Photoshop?

  3. Wow! Good for you, Lenore. I came home from my daughter’s to find hubby had been wearing clothes to work all week, and the ELBaEWaD I left behind disappeared while I was away.

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