Project 366: Day 89

Last weekend, a friend and I went to the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Some may find walking around a cemetery an odd thing to do during a weekend, especially if no family members are buried at the cemetery. For my friend and I, it was a great way to surround ourselves with beauty in the city. The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were blooming, and the history within the cemetery is strong.

The visitor center caught my eye, against the blue sky. 



16 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 89

    1. If you’re pleased with the post, I say ‘publish’ it. I would find it interesting, because I like cemeteries, and I venture to guess others would find it interesting, too.

    1. Pretty nice for a cemetery, eh? The cemetery is a popular one in Atlanta, the Oakland Cemetery. I forget if I mentioned it in the post or not. The day was gorgeous, so the white building really ‘popped’. Glad you liked it, SIG. Thank you!

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