Project 366: Day 88

Silverbacks are known to be the leader of the pack, as it pertains to gorillas.

Though he is the most timid of the two, Wilbur could be considered the leader of our pack. He does not have a silver back, but he does have a silver beard and belly.



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 88

  1. I’ve always been a sucker for a handsome guy with a “touch of grey” (ha,ha) What a great looking dog he is! Good thing we don;t live near … my two lovely little “girls with fur” went to the “spa” yesterday and they are thinking they are looking pretty stinkin’ cute and just might be wanting to come sniffin’ around your place and check out Mr. Wilbur! Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Karyn. Wilbur started getting white early, too. He’s a bit of a nervous pooch, so I equate the white to his nervousness. I am glad you liked the picture.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Nicole. Thank you for visiting. I am glad you liked this picture of Wilbur. He’s a good pooch. Wilbur wasn’t always the alpha dog, but as his sister ages, he seems to be taking more care of her. Quite sweet, really.

    1. Thank you, Country Wife. It’s funny to watch Wilbur’s fur change as he gets older, then I realize the same thing is happening to me … Well, my hair – as I have no fur. 🙂

      The header picture was taken at Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. Beautiful place providing countless beautiful sunsets.

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