Project 366: Day 87

I had every intention of posting a picture of Wilbur, today. Wilbur is Cherokee’s brother, and lately – Wilbur’s been playing second fiddle to his photogenic sister.

Yesterday, I spent time in the backyard with the puppies. The lighting was perfect, and the grass was a dazzling green. The dogs posed nicely for me, too. Then Joe came out to join us. Dag’na’bit! That kid ruined everything. Poor Wilbur, Cherokee got her mug posted again.

Tomorrow is Wilbur’s turn. I promise!



18 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 87

  1. I missed checking in yesterday 😦 and I just absolutely laughed out loud when I clicked on … they both have identical (well, almost) smiles!!! You definitely need to store this photo for future use! (i.e., graduation video, wedding scrapbook, .. or maybe just a day when you need a boost, like the day he leaves for college) It is priceless and trust me, you will come to treasure things like this even more as you, and the kids, get older. Just a great job, Lenore and will look forward to seeing Wilbur’s pics!

    1. Thank you, Donna. Joe is not usually one to get in photos. But, while I was out snapping shots of the dogs, he asked if I would take his picture, too. I jumped at the opportunity. Once this year is done, I plan on creating a photo book of all the pictures I took. My hope is the boys will have a nice snapshot of a year in their life.

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