Project 366: Day 82

Joe loves playing with water. Loves it. If we let him, he would have the hose run all day long, so he could create rivers, floods, mud, etc.

Sunday afternoon, we let the water hose run for an hour. Later in the day, once the boys were in bed, I walked out and gathered the hose. I noticed several pieces of chalk scattered on the driveway and a bucket filled with water and chalk sticks.

Based on the artwork left on the driveway, I’m guessing the boys created their own street paint and left their mark. I love these guys.



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 82

    1. Glad you liked it, KD. They also made prints of their hands. It was really neat to see their artwork. The best part was the fact they did it all on their own.

  1. How cool is that? Discovering their creativity when left to it. I know some kids who are the same way with the hose and sprinkler. 🙂

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