Andy Armadillo: His Texas Tale Continues …

Georgette continues her catering to Andy, showing him sights throughout the Lone Star State. Supposedly, Andy is a good little armadillo. I hope he is able to behave himself when he travels abroad.

Please enjoy Georgette’s latest Andy update, and be sure to check out her incredible blog, too.


We left Houston and took off for Dallas in a driving Gulf coast rainstorm. 50 mph for a 100 miles or so put us behind and then we decided to stop in Corsicana. Just can’t pass up that Collin Street Bakery and all that marvelous fruitcake.

And this state is having a drought?

Corsicana, TX at The Collin Street Bakery

Just what I always wanted for Christmas!

Andy wandered off and we found him here
(Editor’s Note: Mmm… peanut brittle)

I know Mama Lenore, Aunt Kate and Judith would love some of these!
(Editor’s Note: Yes, Andy. You’re correct!)

okay, okay we’ll stop here, too!

Yes, let’s stop here. What’s another hour that we already lost for daylight savings?

Like a gopher in soft dirt

Uncle Rick always says something like “Woo-op” and “Gig’em”

The Easter Bunny is coming soon.

Andy hasn’t met a stranger yet.

Is this bull ridin’ or a piggy back ride?

Ferdinand, where are you?

Andy meets Zena girl.


Thank you, Georgette! Andy is lucky to have you as his personal guide and chauffeur.

Next week, we’ll hear about Andy’s country adventure and his encounter with a gator! Hope to see you back here next Thursday!

30 thoughts on “Andy Armadillo: His Texas Tale Continues …

  1. This one is among one of the most creative post, I have seen till now. Great great job Lenore. After travelling so much, I hope Andy must be very tired and taking a nap now. 🙂

  2. Ooh yummy. For many years we purchased the Collins Street fruit cakes for Christmas gifts for friends here in NZ and around the world. And I had forgotten all about them until now. Thanks for reminding me.
    Andy is a fearless little guy which is good because then I wont have to worry where Lotte and I take him when he comes to visit us. 🙂

    1. Have you every had a Claxton fruitcake, Judith? Claxton fruitcake is made in Claxton, GA. My father-in-law swears it is the best of the best. Although, he is from south GA, not far from Claxton….

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