Adventures with Andy :: SW Florida Edition

Welcome! This is the first official installment of Adventures with Andy.

Andy’s journey began because of k8edid’s impromptu invitation. I hope you’ll enjoy this adventure of Andy in Southwest Florida, as told by his hostess with the mostest, k8edid.

.: Andy the Armadillo in Southwest Florida :.

Andy arrived safely from Georgia and was introduced to the household. Upon inspection, I was surprised to discover that Andy’s name (according to the label on his underside) is really Armando (or maybe that is his stage name!!).

Shelby was very interested until she realized Andy was not edible, then she resigned herself to sharing her new orthopedic bed
with our house-guest.

Andy accompanied k8edid to work, where he learned to solve the Rubik’s cube.

He was given a physical exam by student nurse Millie, who pronounced him healthy and handsome.

Andy accompanied k8edid and Sweet Cheeks to Miami where k8edid’s craving for Cuban food was finally satisfied.



Carne asada, black beans and rice  –  very delicious.


Andy tried to talk Sweet Cheeks into buying lingerie for k8edid for Valentine’s Day, but more practical heads prevailed….

Andy enjoyed a trip along the Inter-coastal Waterway, where he admired a few yachts.

Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras found k8edid at the beginning of a particularly bad virus that required mass quantities of Nyquil and left the hostess delirious, hacking, feverish and/or stoned for the better part of 2 weeks. Left to his own devices, Andy celebrated just a little too much.

The last weekend in February was the Swamp Cabbage Festival.

There were Armadillo races.

Andy made a new friend, Cynthia.

The races were very exciting, but lasted only a few minutes.  Andy was excited to meet some of his distant relatives.

While at the Armadillo races Andy met Kyle Miller, a children’s author, who wrote the book “Dillo” about a blind baby armadillo, who must navigate the Florida swamp and the friends who help her along the way.

Andy and author Kyle L. Miller





While in Florida Andy enjoyed the local citrus,

the flora,

and helped bake a batch of k8edid’s world famous chocolate chip cookies.

We were sad to see Andy leave, he is a perfect house guest – makes no additional laundry, eats very little, and always has a smile.  He is very sweet so if you are thinking of hosting him and showing him the sights of your neck of the woods, please do let Lenore Diane know so that arrangements can be made for further adventures for Andy.


You heard k8edid, Readers. Send me an email, if you are interested in showing Andy around your neck of the woods. lenorediane(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you for taking such good care of Andy, k8edid! He is now visiting his Aunt Georgette in Texas. I’ll post an update of his travels next week. Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “Adventures with Andy :: SW Florida Edition

  1. I love that Andy got to visit with relatives! Those were my fave pics. I’m very very nervous about the exam he had on top of that dead old man.

    That just seems mean.

    And gross.

  2. Andy is the only armadillo I’ve seen that wasn’t flat as a pancake. Here’s to more adventures for Andy (make sure he looks both ways before crossing the road, though).

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Dude. Thanks for stopping by this here place with the Armadillo. I made sure to train Andy on crossing the street. He’s very good at looking both ways.

  3. I can’t wait to see his Texas adventures. Andy was a lot of fun, I wish I had been able to take him to the beach (although we never did find him a bathing suit). I felt bad that he had to entertain himself while I had that nasty virus…

    Thanks for sharing Andy with me, in particular, and your readers in general. I hope he makes it around the world.

    1. I am thrilled he started his adventure with you first, K8. I was impressed with the pictures you sent back to me. Andy does better in photos than I had anticipated.
      I am so sorry you were sick. Glad you are back in the land of the living now!!

  4. I live in a rural area in Central Florida aaaaand hate to say it, but there is an armadillo makin’ a mess of my property. Blessings – Maxi

    1. Hey, it’s just a mannequin (we don’t call them dummies – they have feelings). He weighs about 100 pounds so I don’t move him out of the bed very often. (I’ve also programmed him to say “Good morning Professor Katy, you look stunning today…”)

      Andy had a good time going to work with me. I’ve decided to institute “Take An Armadillo to Work Day”. Think it will catch on?

    2. Okay, okay – I admit it. I didn’t notice the mannequin until yesterday. I just smile and nodded when Kim made her comment. Thankfully, Katy explained the situation, and we know the man was not harmed. Andy’s a lover, Darla – not a fighter. 🙂

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