Do I know you?

Do I know you? I follow your blog, and I read your thoughts, but does that mean I know you?

Do you know me? I write honestly, and I share too much openly, but do you know me?

I have a handful of friends, provided a handful equals three. More specifically, I have three friends whom I stay in touch with on a regular basis (meaning we make contact more than four times a year) and could easily identify in a line-up (not that any of the three would find themselves in a line-up).

These three friends are my friends within the real world. I see them. I touch them. (Hugs, people. Jeepers.) And, sometimes – when they pass gas, I can smell them.

I also have friends outside of the real world. (At least, I think we’re friends. I have not come right out and asked.)

I’ve only seen pictures of these friends. I cannot touch these friends, nor can I smell these friends. (Virtual friendship has its perks.)

When I first started blogging, I had a very small community of readers. By small, I mean my oldest sister read my posts. Gradually, my visitors increased. Moreover, I started having repeat visitors, and they returned frequently!

As my readership increased, I felt confident enough to explore other ways of promoting my blog. I pulled down my old Facebook account, and I created a new Facebook account to specifically tie to my blog. In addition, I opened a Twitter account.

As gradually as the repeat visitors increased, my interactions with some of the repeat visitors increased. Emails were exchanged, tweets were sent, and friending took place on Facebook.

Suddenly, I had a new world of friends – virtual friends.

One of my virtual friends is Kim. The more I read her stuff and the more I interact with her via Twitter, email, and Facebook, the more I am certain we’d be friends in the real world. That is to say, if I saw her running with her dogs during one of her #runstreaks, I would probably yell from across the street… “Hey! Pick up your dog’s poop!” Of course, she wouldn’t hear me, because she would be in the zone and jamming to her tunes. Still, I’m certain we’d connect.

You see, I realized Kim and I could be friends when she began stalking Passat Girl. The story of Passat Girl revolved around an abandoned car parked in Kim’s neighborhood. Kim posted pictures, wrote notes, searched Facebook, and channeled Nancy Drew with her investigative, stalking behavior.

When I saw how Kim openly stalked Passat Girl, I knew we’d be friends. I knew for certain, Kim would not have me arrested for sitting outside her house, eating ice cream, and eavesdropping on her life. Instead, I knew Kim would bring me a chair, a large spoon, and open her window to make listening easier. She would have my back.

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So, when I woke up today, knowing I had to create a masterpiece for the smaller blogger’s writing community (aka Yeah Write), I went to Kim. Actually, Kim came to me, alerting me of some new prizes for Yeah Write.

I told Kim that I was probably going to sit this week out, just as I had done the prior week. Within seconds of me tweeting those words to Kim, she responded, “You can write about me, if you want. I’ll send pictures.”

See folks?! Isn’t my virtual friend, Kim, awesome? So incredibly giving.

After laughing at the suggestion, I went over to Kim’s blog and read one of her new posts. The topic surrounded the pros and cons of attending one’s high school reunion. As I read her post, I heard myself say things like, “That’s me!” “Exactly!” “Ugh, I hate wine hangovers, too.”

Then it dawned on me. I should write a post about Kim. I will write a post about Kim. Wait – wait – I will write a post about my friend Kim.

Though I’ve neither met nor spoken to Kim in person, I think I know Kim.

I think Kim is an incredible and involved Mom to Noah. I think Kim found her life-partner in Hot Joe. I think Kim knows the joy of having dogs shower you with unconditional love. I think Kim is concerned more with what is inside a person versus the outside of the person. Kim doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. Kim probably prefers you’d shower more than once a week, but hey – she’s still my friend on Facebook and Twitter, so apparently showering on a regular basis is negotiable.

What do you think? Do I know you? Do you know me? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Nonetheless, I hope I get to meet many of my blogging friends face to face one day. I may not click with everyone I meet, but I am certain I’d click with my virtual friend, Kim. (And, I’m willing to remain outside her living room window until she feels the same about me.)

58 thoughts on “Do I know you?

  1. Ain’t life grand? Hookin’ up with a great friend just from typing on a keyboard? All the best to you and Kim, Lenore.

    Blessings – Maxi

  2. So when will there ever be a wp convention/reunion? I can hear the shreiks, oh no’s, visualize the hugs and see the smiles on every face. Yes, both of you were destined to meet…your smiles are a reflection of both of you.

    1. Wouldn’t it be fun? I’d be nervous – I admit. It’s one thing to be open safe at home, you know? I don’t feel anonymous, I just feel a little safer at home. But, I am certain the jitters would be short lived, once I saw everyone. Thanks for being a blogging buddy, Georgette!

  3. You guys really do look like sisters in that picture. Are you sure you weren’t separated at birth? Isn’t it incredible how much we can get to know someone without having heard their voice or see them? I love this blogging world. It’s brought so many amazing people together. I love Georgette’s idea above. Can you imagine, having a big WP convention? That would be a blast. I’ll bring the doughnuts, you bring the ice cream.

    1. True story: I was going to ask you for a picture, and I was going to do the same thing I did with Kim’s picture. I told Kim I was going to write about the two of you. Alas, I had a deadline, so I just went with Kim. (You’re safe…. this time.)
      A gathering of bloggers would be very cool – especially if ice cream were involved.

      1. I had the same “twins separated at birth” thought – you have the same smile! And I’m sending in my RSVP right now for the wp reunion.

        Donuts and ice cream, Darlonski? Not that there’s anything wrong with that (yum), but aren’t we forgetting something? Hows about some adult beverages to wash those down?

        1. Thanks, Peg. Twins separated at birth and raised on separate coasts. Go figure.
          Your RSVP is accepted. We look forward to seeing you. Trust me when I say, adult beverages will be available.
          Now … if we could only get a venue.

  4. I have so many friends that I’ve never met thanks to my blog. I know that people try to discount “virtual” friendships because they say you can’t have a meaningful connection to someone you haven’t interacted with in the “real” world. But I feel closer to some of my blog buddies than I do the people I work with every day. Plus, now I know people all over the country and the world. How cool is that?

    1. Really cool. I greatly appreciate the fact that I have blogging friends across the pond and beyond. Living vicariously through those friends is all kinds of fun. In this day and age, virtual friends do matter. Seriously. I think – at least within the blogosphere – you learn more about the person, too. Unless they are deliberately secretive or mysterious.
      You know… you are actually close enough to me that I could meet you at a bar. Don’t worry. I’d call first.
      Thanks for visiting, Amy!

      1. I kinda think it’s even weirder when you start to follow a blog and realize how close they are to you. For some reason I expect everyone to live in NY or CA or something.
        I’d totally meet you at a bar any day!

  5. Um…who said the picture was photoshopped? YOU ARE AWESOMESAUCE LENORE! That was beautiful, funny, serious, so so true and amazing and I am HONORED to be the topic of this amazing wonderful post that shall be forwarded to everyone I know and maybe even some people I DON’T know.

    Love love love you,

    1. You know what is funny… the picture does not look stalkerish at all. I mean, I was aiming for a creep factor. Alas, you can’t mess with awesomeness, eh? Thanks for the topic idea, Kim. The world needs to know just how wonderful you are as a person. 🙂 Thanks for being my friend.
      Love, love, love you too.

  6. Does this mean I have to make you our annual family recipe holiday coffee cake like I do for all my daughter’s friends? Oy vey – I’ll be in the kitchen for months!

    1. Well, if I have a say in the matter… I’d be delighted to be included in the holiday coffee cake tradition. I suppose this means I’ll have to include Kim and her family (Moms included) in my family’s tradition of sending out chocolate covered almonds. Any tree nut allergies?

  7. I’m so glad you linked up to Yeah Write today.
    I love virtual friends but I’m not quite sure where to “put” them since I’ve never met most of them, which when you think of it *is* kind of strange…but it sure doesn’t seem to diminish their importance, you know?

    1. Thank you, Ado. I agree – the thought of having a virtual friend is strange, yet the relationship exists. And, as you said, the virtual factor doesn’t diminish the importance. You find yourself interacting with the same people on a daily basis. It is strange, weird and wonderful all at the same time. Thank you for reading.

  8. I agree, virtual friendships are real! I love my IRL friends, but I have just as many blogging/twitter buddies who mean so much to me. Your post really touched me. Very sweet friendship you have there!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a note. I am grateful for the blogosphere and the blogging friends. For those of us in the blogosphere, we get it. Thanks again for visiting. I am glad you liked my story.

  9. Hi,
    What a fantastic post. You are so right about our blogging friends, I have “met” some wonderful people from all over the world, and I have also learned so much from them as well.
    I love the photo of you and Kim, well done. 🙂

    1. Hello Mags –
      I am glad you liked my post. It is nice to meet people from all over the world, while sitting comfortably at home.
      The information being shared is amazing, sometimes. The again, sometimes the information is just entertaining and stress relieving.
      Glad you liked the photo. Thank you!

  10. That last line is hilarious! And I must agree I think I would “click” in real life with many of my virtual friends. Virtual friends totally count as real friends, right? Some of my online friends know me better than the friends I see everyday face to face.

    Thanks for this fun and thought-provoking post, and here’s to you and Kim!

    1. In this day and age, Katie, virtual friends are where it is AT. Do we even interact with real humans anymore? 🙂
      Thank you for coming over, visiting and commenting. I appreciate your time in this virtual world. (smile)

    1. I agree, Ellen. You and Erin are lucky to have each other to inspire and to support. We, your readers, reap the rewards of your friendship, too. Thanks for that fact. And, thank you for reading. Glad I made you smile (and snort)!

  11. Blogging is such a gift, after all! Lovely to see you forming this connection with Kim. May your association blossom more! Love that picture of the two of you.

  12. Words are powerful things, and even though we feel like friendships over the Internets ought not to feel so “real” (or sometimes we do, not always. not now), it wasn’t so very long ago that engagements and friendships were maintained with letters that took weeks and months to arrive.

    I love that you have created a post about your friend and the journey to friendship. Wonderful!

    Word Up!

    1. Well hello, KD! Welcome to my neighborhood. Your visit has prompted Captain Huggy Face to do his “Delighted” dance!
      You are exactly right, mentioning the days when relationships were maintained by letters that took weeks/months to arrive.
      And the words used in those letters… so rich.
      Gracious. I see the friendships within the blogosphere differently now. Words are powerful, which is one reason Word Girl rocks!
      Thanks again for visiting. Word Up!

  13. IRL and IVL is a complex state that I think about all the time too. Making connections with people can never be a bad thing though, in my opinion. And yes, I love G too!

    1. I agree – making connections is never a bad thing. And I am grateful for every connection I’ve made.
      Thank you for stopping by and reading. I appreciate it!

  14. I love this. I have three friends too, but now I have other friends. Virtual friends who are very nce 🙂

    1. Virtual friends are nice to have, Sarah. I often wish I could meet some of my virtual friends in real life. One day, perhaps.
      Thanks for visiting. I am glad you liked my post.

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