Project 366: Day 57

Do you remember the song, Manic Monday, by The Bangles? Longing for Sunday, Susanna Hoffs (the lead singer) sang, “I wish it was Sunday, cuz that’s my fun-day – my I don’t have to run day.”

Before “just another manic Monday” is knocking at your door, try to make today your fun-day and don’t have to run day.

Simply slow down.



20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 57

  1. You’ve got it, Lenore. Good advice. I am still in my pajamas and working on my second cup of coffee. Plans today include: drinking more coffee, going outside, then sitting down on the couch to watch the Oscars. That’s it. And you?

    1. Sounds like an awesome day, Darla. I’m dressed and filling up my 2nd cup of coffee in a to-go mug. I’m heading to church, where I will teach 1st graders and 2nd graders. (pray for me… or the kids, either one) Then I am coming home, feeding the kids lunch and plopping on the couch to read blogs. Then, I’ll head to bible study tonight, return home and watch … prolly, Matt Bomer via White Collar and Netflix. I lurve him lots. The Academy Awards will have to take place without my eyes. (smile) Oh, and I have to take a picture for tomorrow.

  2. Your writing always touches me! And how you find the perfect image to go with it. Or does the photo come first? Or do you think this as you are looking at the scene, contemplating taking the shot?

    1. Thank you, Stasha. I appreciate your words. More often than not, I have an idea in my head, and I search for the shot to convey the idea. However, sometimes the picture will find me first and the thought comes second. (Like the snail on the table. Once I saw it, I knew. But, I didn’t know I’d find it.)

  3. I love the little guy by the road, alerting to children playing. Our son-in-law got one for their yard, one of the busiest in the neighborhood. 🙂 I wish I COULD run today, still shuffling to and fro.

    1. Thanks, Patti. That’s my neighbor’s little man. When he is out – you know fun is being had. 🙂
      I am sorry you are not yet back to 100%. I hope every day is bringing improvement.

  4. A day late, as usual. Good stuff, as usual.

    Susannah Hoffs has a few CDs out with Matthew Sweet, all covers of old songs, all good.

    My son and I have had a debate for years. Is that figure a turtle or a child?

    1. Ha. I have wondered the same thing, Oma. I initially see a turtle – do a double-take and assume they meant it to be a child. I suppose the world may never know.

      I tried to see Susannah and Matthew in concert, when they toured. I am a huge MS fan, and I do enjoy The Bangles.

      Glad you liked the stuff. 🙂

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