Project 366: Day 48

Last night was Bunco Night. That’s code for “Ladies Night”.

We meet the third Thursday of the month, and we play the Bunco dice game and eat great food. Oh, we also talk and laugh – loudly. The morning after I hosted Bunco, my boys told me my friends and I were too loud. Yeah, it happens.

Special thanks to my next door neighbor, because she insisted her glass of champagne be included in the picture.  She has good taste.



20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 48

  1. I was really on a champagne kick during the holidays. I had a friend that would drop frozen strawberry slices in hers. Oh so good. But had to drop the champagne habit in the reality of the new year. Nothing better than a girl’s night.

  2. I used to work with some ladies who had a Bunco night…
    I had no idea what that game actually was at the time, only that I was a little afraid of it all, for some reason…

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