That Pal :: A Drabble

I dare not tag the person who inspired me to start writing drabbles. I’m certain he would prefer to miss this – my latest creation. Then again, I should give credit where credit is due. So Steve, this drabble… well, it’s not for you. (You’re welcome.)

A reminder for newbies, a drabble is a work of fiction consisting 100 words. Today’s drabble comes in the form of a poem. Which means, this may not be a true drabble. Nonetheless, you are welcomed and encouraged to create your own drabble. If you do, tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hash-tag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.

.: That Pal :.

It creeps up slowly, never making a sound.
A horrible headache, oh how it does pound.

Next come the moods – peevish and cranky;
gradually slipping to sadness, in need of a blankey.

The backache soon follows, while griping increases.
The sense of humor is gone, and the laughing ceases.

The purpose you serve is a wonderful thing;
I am grateful because my boys you did bring.

But the bloating, the yelling, the cravings, the crying –
To say I liked that would mean I was lying.

Oh Mother Nature, what a wonderful pal.
With love, from your crazed menstruating gal.


15 thoughts on “That Pal :: A Drabble

  1. I have to agree with Bridget; gross and awesome. I have to admit that I didn’t suffer too much. But Mother Nature got me back when I had my son- morning, noon, and night sickness for the first 4 months, followed by morning and noon sickness, and finally feeling good around month 6, just in time to have an emergency c-section at week 33.

    1. Mother Nature is a combo of gross and awesome, don’t you think?
      I am grateful for my ‘easy’ pregnancies, as I have many friends that were miserable. One friend of mine was in and out of the hospital numerous times due to dehydration, because she battled nausea for so long. My heart goes out to you, M2M.

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