Project 366: Day 34

This week took me inside the perimeter. That’s what we locals say when we pass under or over I-285. I grew up inside the perimeter, so when I cross the line, I always feel as though I am going back home.

On my way into the city, I drove by the King and Queen towers. What are the King and Queen towers? Well, if you are in Atlanta or passing through, the towers are a landmark.

Rob loves the buildings, and whenever the kids see the buildings they will say (without fail) “Look Mommy! It’s the King and Queen towers. Those are Daddy’s favorite.”  They always say “Mommy”, because Daddy already knows the buildings are his favorite. However, if Daddy is in the car at the time, the boys will add: “… right, Daddy?”

Are you traveling this weekend? If so, drive safely and may a fabulous Friday spill into a wonderful weekend.



24 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 34

    1. Ah Melinda… this was in your neck o’the woods, right? I think of you every time I pass the Northridge exit on 400, too. You went to Northview or something like that, right? I don’t remember these buildings being built because I was till living ‘inside the perimeter’ and did not venture outside the barrier. (hee, hee)

  1. Ooooh they’re beautiful!! Kinda along the same lines, growing up on the off chance we went into downtown L.A. we would pass the hospital where my mom was born, Queen of Angels, which now I think is like an office building or something. Every time we passed it she made us have a moment of silence. In case you were wondering where my kookiness comes from. My aunt (dad’s side) is equally as kooky. I come by it honestly.

    1. I tell myself the same thing, Kim. My kookiness is a quality I came by honestly. For whatever reason, my family disagrees.
      If I am ever in the LA area, I will have a moment of silence when I pass the former Queen of Angels hospital. (In honor of your kooky family.)

  2. A king’s palace is there just few hundreds meter before my home. And when I go to my hometown, the feeling of passing that palace is something different. You gave me a remainder that, it has been a long time since I went there. 🙂

    Lenore I mention your blog in my latest post on awards. Check that one in your free time.

  3. I am traveling to and from the couch to the kitchen for more beer, chips and dip (big game Sunday!)

    The kids have a three-day weekend due to a teacher staff day so we’ll also be traveling down an icy hill on a sled…pray I don’t die.

    1. There’s a game this weekend? Really? Ha.
      I snorted with your request for prayer. Consider it done. I’ll pray you don’t even break a leg! I know, I’m a good friend. 🙂
      Happy weekend, Darla.

    1. Hello, Byronic – thank you for stopping by this here place.
      Technically, the King and Queen Towers are in Sandy Springs, not Atlanta.
      I hope you will visit Atlanta again one day. It’s full of good times and good people.

    1. The buildings are unique. It is nice to have a nice looking landmark to know you are getting closer to home. The towers look cool at night, too! Thank you for stopping by, Mags.

    1. I’ll share more pictures of Atlanta, Linda. Technically, the towers are located in Sandy Springs – outside the perimeter. You’ve yet to pass through the barrier. (smile) I’ll take you there though – no worries. 🙂

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