Somebody’s Out There

I am participating in Monday Listicles, a weekly creation started by Stasha at The Good Life. The idea for today’s list comes from Bruna at Bees with Honey“If they were to make a movie of your life what would the soundtrack be like? Share 10 songs that best tell the story of your life. Be sure to include the period or event that each song represents.”

Initially, I had all sorts of songs I wanted to include in the soundtrack of my life – many more than 10, that’s for certain. However, as I began writing and remembering, I realized my life today is what matters most to me. Rest assured, I still managed to embarrass myself by revealing just how desperate I was in high school. (My apologies in advance, Joe and Charlie.)

Believe it or not, there is a song from my elementary school years that I would include in the soundtrack of my life. In fact, a few weeks ago, I received an email from my very best friend, letting me know she heard this song, and she instantly thought of me. Her email surprised me and made my day. I knew the song was a favorite of mine, but I didn’t realize she knew how much I loved it. Nor, did I realize she thought of me whenever she heard it.

The first song I’d include on a soundtrack of my life is Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog. The lyrics to this song speak to my optimistic and spiritual beliefs. (It also speaks to the voices.)

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I was a bit desperate in high school, that is – I was desperately seeking the attention of boys.

Point of clarification, by desperately seeking the attention I mean, I was standing in a corner, in the back of the room, avoiding eye contact at all costs and daydreaming about this boy or that boy asking me out on a date.

I was also daydreaming of a time when a boy would approach me and my face wouldn’t turn twenty shades of brilliant red; and I was also daydreaming of a time when the thought of talking to a boy or actually being next to a boy would not – immediately – send me to the bathroom with an upset stomach.

While in high school, I spent many summers in Nova Scotia, Canada; and yes, my daydreams continued during the summers. The second song I would include in the soundtrack of my life is Your Love by The Outfield.

Now, because extreme blushing and anxiety related bowel movements weren’t enough to embarrass me, I took it one step further.

Remember high school yearbooks? Perhaps – like ours – your high school always devoted a section to the senior class. If you flipped to the back of the yearbook, you would find the seniors listed, along with the clubs they joined and their accomplishments. In addition, seniors were given a chance to include a special/meaningful quote by his/her name.

This is where it turns ugly. The quote that I thought would make a great quote to include in my senior yearbook was from a song by Triumph, “Somebody’s out there waiting for someone to come their way.” Because really, why not tell the entire school just how desperate you are for someone to come your way. sigh

So, the third song on soundtrack of my life is Somebody’s Out There by Triumph.

Once I left high school, I went to college in Athens, GA. Because I went to college in Athens, GA,  it can be assumed – safely – that REM was (is) one of my favorite bands. However, due to the limited space, I am not including a REM song. GASP! I know. Forgive me. Something tells me the soundtrack of my life will require a Volume 2.

Instead of sharing a REM song with you today, I am including a song that I played frequently during my college years. Though I cannot tie one specific incident or memory to this song, it immediately takes me back to my college years whenever I hear it. Instantly, I see myself, my dorm rooms, my friends, the campus – I can even see myself driving around my 1979 brown Chevy Impala. (RIP Brown Sugar) Because the visuals are so strong, Moving in Stereo by The Cars is song number four in the soundtrack of my life.

After graduating from college, I moved to Washington, DC. I spent two years living in and around the DC area. Those two years were a combination of the best times and the hardest times of my life. I met two of my very best friends, who still mean the world to me.

I could easily come up with 10 songs to include on the soundtrack of my life simply from the two years in DC. Alas, I narrowed it down to one or two.

Many nights in DC would find me in my friend’s Nissan 240 jamming to Seal. The song we would listen to on the way to every location we traveled was always, Crazy. So, on the soundtrack of my life, song number five is Crazy by Seal. (He also speaks of voices. Hmmm… is there a theme here?)

Song number six on the soundtrack of my life comes with no explanations.  Sorry. Maybe, one day, if we ever sit down for coffee (or hot chocolate), I’ll share the story. Until then, just know that in the soundtrack of my life the song Low by Cracker is included.

When my father died suddenly, I returned home to Georgia. Several years after returning home, I met Rob. When I first met Rob he was an avid wake boarder. If you know anything about wake boarding, you know avid wake boarders spend every possible day – every waking hour – on the water. And, as any chick trying to impress a boy would do – I learned how to wake board.

Countless weekends were spent on the boat, and countless songs were heard and played while boating (and wake boarding). The one song that still plays in my head whenever I see water and/or a wake board is Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction. Even now, I can see the faces of Rob and friends singing the song at the top of their lungs. Good times.

Song number seven in the soundtrack of my life is Jane Says.

Now, I need to ask for trust with this next selection. If you are not a fan of country music, the sound of this man’s voice may immediately turn you off; but please, I beg you to listen to the lyrics, because the reason this song is included in the soundtrack of my life is huge.

Rob and I took a weekend trip to Nashville to see James Taylor in concert. While in town, we toured the Country Music Hall of Fame. The place was (is) incredible. Really.

While we were exploring the history and reading about the various country music musicians, Rob asked me to step into a listening booth. The booth featured Webb Pierce, a country singer I had not heard of prior to walking into the booth – nor had Rob (to my knowledge).

We put on the headphones to listened to the song. When this song played magic happened. I swear. I don’t remember the year, so I don’t remember how long we had been dating by that point. All I remember is the song and the feeling it gave me, knowing Rob was listening to the same thing. I remember looking at each other, and I remember getting chills. Man, what a moment.

The eighth song on the soundtrack of my life is Slowly by Webb Pierce.

And finally, because this guy and his music has truly had an impact on my life, songs nine and ten on the soundtrack of life are For You and I Watch You Sleeping by John Denver.

For You was played at my wedding, and when Rob and I arrived at the ‘after party’ (after the reception), my family played it for us via a rented jukebox. I listened to I Watch You Sleeping while pregnant, and the song brought tears to my eyes whenever I heard it. Once the boys were born, the song meant even more to me.

While listening to his music and writing this post, I learned John Denver died on October 12th. I’m not sure why that date never stuck in my head, though it does now. Rob and I were married on October 12th. I hope you’ll check out the last video, which I made for my boys.

For You

I Watch You Sleeping

For the record, somebody was out there waiting for someone to come their way. In fact, that somebody was Rob, and that someone was me. The End.


26 thoughts on “Somebody’s Out There

    1. Realizing my redundancy, no truer words, Susan. His was a life cut way too short. I listen to his songs with my kids, and they request to hear his songs on their own accord. I love that fact.

    1. Thank you, Stasha. I’m happy for the list this week, because it inspired me to make the video, which Rob and I will treasure. Glad you liked my selections. (I love Kermit the Frog.)

  1. Ok, so obvioulsy as I was reading this I was hoping you would include Crazy as you got to that point in your life and was really excited that you did. For obvious reasons (love you! mean it!) and I thought that would be the highlight of the blog. But nooooooo you go and throw in an awesome montage of pictures of your boys. That was absolutely beautiful Lennie Vo. Thank you for sharing (and psssttt….email me and please ‘splain to me how you did it). Loved, loved, loved this blog!

    1. Glad you liked it, Andrea HT. There was no way Seal was NOT going to make the list.
      I am glad you liked the video. Pulling the pictures was the hardest part – the computer pretty much did the rest. I’ll email you later.
      Love you! Mean it!

    1. Even harder when you blend in with the walls… (smile) The Rainbow Connection is such a wonderful song. You have great taste, Jen. I appreciate you stopping by my neighborhood. Thank you.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts, loved all the songs and the stories that go with them! (you wake boarded??! that IS love!)

    Rainbow Connection used to be one of my faves, I used to cry listening to it (aw!).

    And Triumph? My very first concert when I was around 14. wow, memories! (I used a Led Zep quote for my high school yearbook) I still have the torn and faded Triumph ticket in a scrapbook…

    “Jane Says” brings me right back to college days and hearing my roommates play it over and over…

    And that video at the end is precious. Loved it. Those pictures of them holding hands like that at the end…Oh! I’m all verklempt!

    1. Yes, I wake-boarded – and fell, and fell and fell again. Oh wait! I got up! Man, those guys were so patient with me.
      Darla, I used to cry and I still cry to Rainbow Connection. The song is super sweet – and not in a sappy way. I love it.
      I cannot believe your first concert was Triumph. Seriously, of all the bands I picked and all the concerts you saw – very cool coincidence.
      Of course you had a Led Zepplin quote, because you are cool. Me, on the other hand, desperate. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Seriously, I’m blown away Triumph was your first concert. Co’ink’ki’dink, co’ink’ki’dink.

      1. Wanted to add my two cents to Rainbow Connection. Now that you’ve written this, I can identify it with you. But I identify Sesame Street with you anyway! Yes, Rainbow Connection is you, Lenore!

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Paul. I suppose everyone was a little desperate in school, I was just one of those that made it obvious. (smile)
      Thank you for visiting and reading the post. I do appreciate it.

  3. Loved the video of the boys and the last song! Also love John Denver….nuff said. Great post. I would be hard pressed to come up with only 10 songs, have thought of it often but never done it, I’m sure it was an exercise!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Keeping the list at 10 was a challenge, until the moment I decided to create a video of the kids. That changed everything. I am grateful to have the video for future reflections. Thanks again!

    2. How do I reply to both of you? I agree, Lisa, the longer your life, the more songs you need! But Lenore was right, too. Once you think of your kids, the basic, original feeling will ALWAYS be truest (okay, maybe not ALL caps on the “always”!). But I do “get” both of your comments here.

  4. Your video of the boys is so sweet. I wish when my kids were litte I had done something like that. I would sit and watch it for hours. Now I just wait for grandbabies and I can have a second chance.

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