Project 366: Day 28

Rob’s favorite flower is the daffodil. He likes the fact that the blooming of daffodils indicate we are getting closer to warmer weather and longer daylight.

We do not do gardening. Any flowers, trees or landscape one may find in our yard is due to the previous owner. Sadly, we purchased this house nearly 10yrs ago, and the previous owner has not returned to maintain her hard work. Which brings me to the reason why I like daffodils: they are robust flowers. (Azaleas, too, for that matter.) Regardless of our brown thumbs, we are greeted by several areas of daffodils in late winter/early spring.

Based on the flower, the seasons are starting to change. I hope you find a ‘spring’ in your step today.

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The Changing of the Wardrobes

Dear Blogary,

I’ve missed you! I haven’t written to you since June, Blogary. JUNE! Have you missed me?! Thank goodness you are unable to respond. I always forget to live by the saying, “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.”

Blogary, I feel giddy! No worries, I won’t break out into song, singing ‘I feel pretty’ from Westside Story. Although, I do feel like running and dancing for jooooy!

Not only did I find out one of my nieces reads my blog [Shout-out to one of my nieces!!], but also Blogary, Fall is here! Fall! People are wearing jackets, long sleeves and sweatshirts! As I type, I am wearing a long sleeve shirt under my short sleeve shirt. I love Fall!

When my youngest woke up this morning, Blogary, he told me he put on his underwear while in bed and under his covers. He said it was too cold to get dressed outside his covers. And my oldest? My oldest asked me if he could bring a jacket to school today, because he was a little cold yesterday. “Jackets are allowed at school,” he says to me.

There is a crispness in the air. The sky is a bluer blue. And, extra blankets are needed on the bed. Giddy. I am giddy. Now, as fall develops and moves into winter, this house will become quite cold. Until we replace the windows, Blogary, Summers are hot inside the house, and Winters are cold inside the house. Although working at home when it is cold outside leads to cold finger tips tapping the computer keyboard, the mornings and nights are spent comfortably snuggled on the couch with warm blankets.

Blogary, I find it much easier to stay warm when the temps are cold than staying cool when the temps are hot. With cold temperatures come countless ways to stay warm.  Layers are endless, but naked? Yeah, naked ends at naked.

Yes, I feel energized! Well, actually, I’m still the ‘basically lazy, turtle-neck loving, ice cream addict who needs to get off her butt and exercise’ freak. (Which is better than a ‘sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot’.) But, with the temperatures cooling and the colorful, but dead, leaves falling, I feel  . . .  alive! I feel rejuvenated! In fact, I think I will go for a walk today, Blogary. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh. I crack myself up.