Project 366: Day 25

Yesterday, I had my camera with me in the car. I asked Joe if he wanted to take pictures on the way to school. He jumped at the chance. When I picked the boys up from school, I asked Joe if he wanted to take pictures on the way home from school. Again, he jumped at the chance.

That camera clicked so many times, and I had a wonderful time listening to him say, “Oh! Nice one!” At one point, he asked Charlie if he could take his picture. I heard Joe utter the words I say when I am taking their picture. “Charlie smile nicely. I want to see your teeth. Okay, say “Leslie”.”

What a fun ride.

When we got home I said, “Joe you could be a photographer when you get older.” He said, “No, I want to be a policeman.” Then he thought for a minute and said, “Actually, maybe I will be a photographer.”

Today’s picture was snapped by Joe. In fact, I’ll be sharing many of the pictures Joe snapped. He’s a natural.



P.S. Today Kim “The G is Silent” is celebrating her birthday. Go ahead and tweet her some bday love. Then you can check out her blog, if you don’t already. (@GisSilent)

20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 25

    1. What is it about wanting to be a police officer as a kid, Oma? When I was a kid, I wanted to marry a police officer, and I wanted him to protect me and my Mom. (My Dad was alive, and we were a happy family. I haven’t a clue why I was worried about my Mom.) I smiled when Joe said he wanted to be a policeman. But you are right, I’d sleep better at night knowing he was simply taking pictures.

    1. Thank you, Bella. It was really fun listening to him embrace the opportunity. He asked if he could take the camera with him this morning. This time, Daddy is driving. Can’t wait to see what he captured.

  1. Lenore give all my best wishes to Joe. I am really happy that, you want to nurture the talent god gave him as a gift. I know you will let him, follow his heart and do what ever he wants in future. Just let him know that, he did great job with the camera. And he got his first fan as me.

  2. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you just launched a life-long passion for photography in your son? He’s certainly off to an impressive start!

    PS. I like your new theme, very cool.

    1. Lisa that would be awesome. I can’t tell if the desire is true, or if it is just another 10-minute whim of a kid. (smile) Stay tuned.
      Thanks for the theme compliment. It’s a work in progress. I’m going for a clean and simple look.

  3. Hmm, past police officer, present photographer, future ? Joe did a good job with the camera; he will do well in anything that captures his interest.

    Blessings to you, Joe…


    1. True words, Maxi. Plus, if you love what you do – it’s not ‘work’. That’s my greatest hope – that Joe finds something that captures his interest. Thank you for the blessings, Maxi. We send you the same.

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