Flash Fiction :: Questions

Every Wednesday, Tracey (Tracey’s Tavern) offers up a Hump Day Challenge. Like many flash fiction challenges, the story should contain no more than 100 words. Specific to Tracey’s challenge, the story is required to include five words of Tracey’s choosing. This week, the five words Tracey chose are: angels, forces, fiber, blunt and tangled.

My stories don’t typically match the genre of the other stories within the challenge. Alas, I enjoy the challenge, and I want to give these words a spin. I hope you like it.

:: Questions ::

The song “Best laid plans”, by James Blunt, played in her head. Suddenly, every fiber of her being was tangled with questions. She laughed at herself. Questions were appropriate for this situation.

But with her first correct response, she began second-guessing herself. Did she really want to be here?  What seemed out of reach became too easy. The fun was gone.

Her friends were right. She only wanted what she couldn’t have. She wanted to leave, even as the forces called her to take action. They were waiting. He was waiting.

She sighed. “I’ll take Angels for $600, Alex.”


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction :: Questions

    1. These little exercises are fun, Linda. There is a bit of pressure trying to be creative within a 10hr period. I hope the endings are not becoming predicable. Thanks for the support.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, WFFME! I believe I’ve seen you ’round the blogosphere once or twice or sixteen times. I’ll be off to explore your writings. I appreciate you vising. Give the flash fiction a try. I find it fun and challenging. (I tend to be long winded, so keeping it to 100 is tough for me.)

    1. Oh, geez. Another instance of saying “what she said!” to Amy in a five-minute period. But, what she said!

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