Flash Fiction :: That Place

Today I am participating in Glitter Lady’s Tuesday Tales. Tuesday Tales is a Flash Fiction challenge consisting of 100 words based on a picture and word Stevie (Ms. Glitter Lady) posts to her Tuesday Tales page.

Attached to my blog is the picture Glitter Lady provided. The word she picked is legion.

:: That Place

“Dana, we’re stuck.” Ken said.

She knew they waited too long to leave for the cabin. The snow storm hit hard and fast. They were too late. The road through town was closed.

“But, the only thing around is that place, and I can’t go into that place. What if –

“It’s just the American Legion Hall. We’ll be OK. I promise.”

She was haunted by the nightmares and terrorized by the screaming and yelling.

She grabbed Ken’s jacket and screamed.

“What is it?”

She couldn’t speak. Fear gripped her. Shaking and crying, she pointed to the sign. Bingo Night

22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction :: That Place

    1. This was a tough one. I knew I wanted to use legion as a place, but I also had to give it a ‘scary’ twist. Dark and scary themes are not my areas of expertise. I enjoy reading that stuff – but I ain’t smart enough to rite it. (Ha! Kidding. On the spellings, I mean.)

    1. I am so glad I made you laugh, Kathie! And, I am glad my timing was good.
      I hope the laugh carries you through the week. Thank you so much for reading. I greatly appreciate it.

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