Project 366: Day 26

Just like yesterday, the picture today was snapped by Joe. He took this shot during our ride home from school.

Driving too and from school, we pass many school buses. Sometimes, we count the number of school buses we see on our way to school. One morning, we counted all the way to 65. 65! That’s a great many school buses.

How many school buses did you pass today?



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 26

    1. Hahahahaha! Oh wait. I mean, sorry. 🙂 Glad you liked this shot. My husband was wide eyed when he saw it. “You guys are driving down the middle of the road!” I assured him it was merely a picture perspective (or something like that).

    1. 1. Flustered.
      2. I’ll pass the compliment along to him. He is loving the attention.
      3. I’ll be on my couch tonight.

      To quote the Bartles and James guys … “I thank you for your support.”

    1. Thank you, Bella. I’m not completely smitten with the new look, but it is appeasing me for now. You’re the second ‘I like it’ I’ve received, so that’s nice. If my peeps are happy, I’m happy. Glad you liked the picture, too. 🙂

  1. Good shot! That kid’s a natural. You’d better keep him. lol I only passed one on the road today; but a bazillion drive by our house daily. Did I mention we’re in close proximity to several schools?

    1. Yeah, now that he has shown a talent and appreciation for photography – we’ll keep him. (giggle, giggle) The boys would get a kick at counting how many buses pass your house, Patti.

  2. I passed way too many school buses today. “Passed” is the wrong word; “got stuck behind” is more accurate. Then some little kids made faces and waved at me from the window so it was all ok.

    1. Welcome to my neighborhood, Thoughts Appear! I’ve seen you ’round the ‘sphere time and time again.
      And yes – stuck behind is far more accurate. When the kids are in the car, I play it cool. But, inside I’m growling. 🙂

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