Before I die, I hope to see …

Today, I am participating in Monday Listicles, a weekly creation started by Stasha at The Good Life. The idea for today’s list comes from Ally at Two Normal Moms: 10 things you’d like to see happen before you die.

The idea for this list excites me and leaves me feeling uncomfortable. (Pretty normal for psycho me to have opposing feelings.) The idea excites me, because my imagination runs wild with the possibilities that life holds for me and my family, and the idea leaves me uncomfortable, because I have a slight fear of death. Alas, as always seems to be the case for me, my curiosity surpasses my fear. (and, as always, I’m not short winded with my list.)

.: 10 Things I Want to See Happen Before I Die :.

1. Before I die, I hope to see every person in the world accept and respect faith and prayer – regardless of the faith and regardless of the prayer.
I want to see the day when a football player can go down on bended need before, during or after a game, and not be ridiculed by those that disagree and/or feel threatened by his action. (Though, truly, Jimmy Fallon’s Tebowie was priceless! Plus, re-writing a Bowie song to poke fun at Tebow is way better than re-writing a Vanilla Ice song.)

2. Before I die, I hope to see Democrats and Republicans actually work together.
I want the Democrats and Republicans to stop saying it was the fault of the other party.
Furthermore, I want to see the day when one can identify him or herself as leaning toward one party over the other and not be jeered by those that disagree. (I lean toward Republican ideas, but I will gladly listen to each and every one of my Democratic friends. I hope you’ll extend the same courtesy.)

3. Before I die, I hope to see the end of political correctness.
In my opinion, politically correct looks good on paper, but it breeds separation and separatist ideas – not sensitivity. I am more than a label, please don’t trip over politically correct adjectives trying to describe me or put me in a box. I’ll answer to “Lenore”. Speak to me with respect, and I will speak to you with respect – you need not agree with me, and I hope you accept the fact that IĀ  may not agree with you. We need not trip over ourselves trying to appease and not offend. I’m a big girl. I can handle being offended. It won’t kill me. Who knows, it may generate a discussion, and we may walk away with a new found perspective. It is as simple as that. Yes, it is as simple as that.

4. Before I die, I hope to see scientists and explorers stop and question whether or not their studies and explorations contributes to global warming.
We fight corporations, but we seem to forget about nature explorations that ‘destroy’ in the name of science. Do we really need to dig deep into the ice and find out about the various lifeforms that existed billions of years ago? Curiosity may kill more than the cat.

5. Before I die, I hope to see all of us look to each other to solve our problems, and stop looking to government to solve our problems.
I am grateful the government provides roads, police, firemen, military, etc.; however, I do not need the government dictate marriage, pregnancy, lifestyle and fairness. What I do need is my personal community consisting of friends, family and neighbors. When I need a hand up, I know my personal community will help me, while making sure I keep a sense of personal responsibility.

6. Before I die, I hope to see the fascination with reality television and stardom be brought down several notches.
We risk neglecting our own reality, because we are becoming so engrossed in the ‘reality’ viewed on televisions and computers.Ā  The reality is – the word reality doesn’t even mean the same thing.

7. Before I die, I hope to see folks mind the words of Thumper’s father in the the movie Bambi: “If you can’t say something nice – don’t say nothing at all.”
Blogging and social networks make it so easy to share our unkind thoughts. As a result, I think we are becoming desensitized to rudeness, which will lead to more and more disrespect. Sure, we have a right to say what is on our mind, and when what we have on our mind is mean, condescending, rude, etc., well – we also have the right to (close your ears, Mum) shut-up.

8. Before I die, I hope to see deadly diseases become chronic diseases, and I hope to see the treatment found in the wealthy countries be made readily available to the poorer countries.

9. Before I die, I hope to see myself grow old gracefully, in overall good health and with my memory in tact, along side my husband and companion, Rob.

But most of all …

10. Before I die, I hope to see each one of my boys celebrate their 50th birthday. (I won’t cry if I live to see them reach 60 and beyond.)
My Mom and I gave birth at the same age. My Mom will celebrate her 80th birthday later this year. Based on her health and baring any unforeseen bus or train incidents, I fully expect my Mom to be around when I celebrate my 50th birthday. She witnessed my graduations, wedding and childbirth. My boys know her, and my boys are old enough to remember her.
I want the same thing. Before I die, I want to see my boys graduate, marry (if they so desire) and have kids (if they so desire). And, if the boys do marry and have kids, I want to live long enough so the kids remember me, their crazy, crazy grandma.

Finally, though not part of the list, I want to add two more things. Should I find myself in the midst of Alzheimers, I hope my husband and boys know – during the time when it seems I’m lost – I love them with all my heart, and I am honored to be their wife and Mom. When I die, my hope is that my husband and boys know how much I loved them, and how honored I was to be their wife and Mom. Because today, I do love them, and I am honored to be their wife and Mom.Ā  Those facts won’t change. Period.


30 thoughts on “Before I die, I hope to see …

  1. I never thought about number four. I would like to add only experiment on animals when developing something that could save a human life.

  2. Nice list and good idea. There was a great commentary the other day asking when did it happen that people that disagreed with you — other well-meaning citizens that disagreed with you — became evil and “the enemy”. Amazing.

    1. I don’t understand the closed-mindedness of many, Steve. I just don’t get it. Perhaps I’m too close-minded to understand close-mindedness. (smile)
      Thanks for reading my long list, Steve.

  3. Oh Lenore. Chills. I love that I have totally different beliefs than you religiously, politically…yet I agree with and support you wholeheartedly. THAT is the way the world should be, and THAT, I believe, is what you were saying.


    1. See? Differences work, Kim! Seriously, I respect that you accept me, and I accept you. It can happen. Folks can disagree and still have fun together! Then again, we may not be the best example because our relationship is merely virtual – a reality within the blogosphere. (hahahahaha!) Hugs to you, my friend!

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen. Thank you for reading my list. Being nice or simply being quiet would do a world of good. It’s hard – but with practice, keeping quiet can be learned.

  4. What a lovely and thoughtful list. Back where I was born we are less then 2 million. But we have hundreds of registered political parties. Because it is hard to label yourself just left or right. Most people are somewhere in the middle anyway…And all the hip young folks are liberal rightwing, just like you šŸ™‚

    I hope at least a few of these come true for us. how much nicer the world would be.

    1. Thank you for reading, Stasha. I know I’m not short winded, so I appreciate you reading the long post. And it is true – labeling oneself as right or left is just too rigid. I prefer to be open. I laugh at the thought of being a liberal. Moi? Hey, if it is hip – I’m it! šŸ™‚
      The collection of lists generated was impressive. I hope many of these things come to fruition. Thanks for keeping Monday Listicles going, Stasha!

  5. Absolutely loved this list, Lenore! Yes–amen to number 6. I am currently in the middle of realizing how addicted I am to my computer, internet, blogging etc. I am slowly weaning myself off of it (as you can see by my commenting here, it’s a long painful process) My goal? To not go on the internet at all for an entire week. I don’t know if I can do it to be honest (isn’t that sad?)

    As for number 10, I totally understand. My mom had me at the same age (36) that I had my daughter. She’s 78 now. I hope and pray I’m around at 78 and can enjoy any grandkids (I’ll probably be a crazy old cat lady by then but that’s okay)

    1. My Mom was 37, Darla. Funny how many things are closely related in our life.
      I am glad you liked this list, and I wish you the best of luck abstaining from the internet. I gave up Facebook for Lent last year. Since then, I’ve spent little time on Facebook. I’ll still access it – but I access it far less than I did BEFORE Lent last year. You can do it. And you know what?! When the week is over, we’ll all still be here. (And we’ll be happy to see you back.)

  6. What a smartly written piece. I could tell your choices were selected with care and your support of each choice was smart and well written. My favorites were: 1,2,3 and my most favorite 5. Holy cow, what a different world it would be if we all lived by 5. If 5 actually happened it might strongly effect #2…. we can dream can’t we. I enjoyed your list and smartly written!!!!

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Laverne. I appreciate you visiting. I am glad you liked the list. Your compliments are kind, and I appreciate it. I aimed rather high with my list, but I do believe we could do it. And yes – we can dream… dream it to fruition! Thank you again!

  7. Oh, man. I was already in a kinda weepy mood before I read this, but now it’s in full blast. I love your closing here, and also wish folks would find something nice to say or refrain from saying. Today has been rife with examples of folks I know saying back-handed things that only superficially sound neutral to each other. And why? Damned if I can figure it out. Why waste the time? Better to think of the end of your post and know there’s too little time to be haging at each other, just because we can.

    1. Sorry, Deb. I didn’t mean to create more weepiness. I do wish folks would keep their mouths shut more. Listen more – talk less. It really isn’t that difficult, once you do if a few times. (smile) And yes, why waist time being rude? Life is way too short for that kind of stuff. I don’t get it. I’m becoming better and better about just walking away. Thanks for reading and visiting!

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