Project 366: Day 23

Last week, I took the oldest to the doctor for his annual check-up. The youngest tagged along, too. No shots were had during this visit, which pleased my son. Afterwards, we headed across the street and picked up a special treat: one strawberry and one vanilla milkshake. (My kids have good taste.)

Why not start your week off with a special treat?



16 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 23

  1. I agree that your boys are adorable. I always loved it when I could give my children, and then theirs, a special treat for being so good at the doctors’.

  2. I can’t comment in WP while at work but I can surf .. and I want you to know that yesterday, this sweet picture, lit up my work monitor while I just grinned like a dotty old Auntie. What a couple of honey pies they are! And who doesn’t love a milkshake? Yum!


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