Flash Fiction: The Outfit

Once again, I chose to take part in Sioban’s Thursday Threads Challenge. Just like last week, this piece is to be more than 100 words, less than 250 words and contain a prompt from the previous week’s winner.

The prompt for this challenge is “You look great, and yeah, you’re worth a million bucks.” And, I dare say many of you know where this will take me.

:: The Outfit

“Are you going out dressed like that?”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you see what you’re wearing?”

“You know I see what I am wearing.”

“Didn’t you hear me mumble as you reached for the sandals?”

“You live in my head. Of course I heard you mumble. And, I do my best to ignore your mumblings.”

“Why do you insist on embarrassing me like this?”

“Are you serious? Folks don’t even know you exist. You are a figment of my imagination.”

“I am not a figment. I am just as much you as you are.”

“You are not.”

“Am, too.”

“Are not.”

“Are not.”

“Are too – hey! Wait a minute.”

“Ha! Gotcha. Could a figment of your imagination getcha like that?”

“Whatever. I’m the basis of this being – you just like poking your non-existent nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“Fine. But, you’re not going out in public dressed like that, are you?”

“Would you lay off my attire? I look fine!”

“Socks and sandals do not go together. I repeat; socks and sandals do not go together.”

“Socks and sandals go together like Ben & Jerry ice cream and a large spoon.”

“Figures you’d bring up ice cream.”

“Shoot, the socks and sandals look is way better than the low riding or baggy-ass jeans look. I rock this look! I look like money!”

“You’re right. You look great. And yeah, you’re worth a million bucks. Not.

“I heard that!”

You are such a dork.

“I heard that, too!”


8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Outfit

  1. Had to laugh at the socks and sandals do not go together … something I would say to myself and wear them anyway.

    Blessings – Maxi

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