The Dream :: A Drabble

Another day and another drabble, which is a short story of exactly 100 words.

I encourage you to flex your writing muscles and take part. Tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hash-tag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.

.: The Dream :.

Noooo! He screamed and shot upright in bed.
His heart raced, and he was covered in sweat.
It was just a dream. He told himself. Just a dream.
Taking a deep breath, he tried to relax.
His wife was sound asleep beside him.
It’s just another day, he thought. Everything is OK. It’s OK.
He lay back down, noticing the oranges and reds of the sunrise seeping in through the blinds.
Still trying to shake the fear, he told himself that he would never forget. Never.
His wife rolled over, smiled and kissed him. “Good morning, Sweetie. Happy anniversary.”


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