BlogFestivus – Day 2

Technically, today is day 6 of the BlogFestivus, though you’re about to read day 2. And, if the writing gods play nice, you may find day 4, 5 and 6 later today. What? Too much?

Here’s the deal, Blogdramedy threw out a challenge. Write 12 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The participants are to include one item from the song each day.

As I said yesterday, I started late. Please be patient while I try to catch up with the rest of the players.


Beth could see her parents’ old place through the kitchen window. The house hadn’t changed much over the years. The new owners did not seem to spend too much time on the flower garden her parents planted.

“Whatcha looking at, Beth?” Laura asked.

“Just looking at my parents’ old place. I still can’t believe you bought the house across the street from their house. What a small world.”

“How long did you say they lived in that house?”

“Thirty years.” Beth said.

“The neighborhood is fantastic.” Laura said. “Most everyone has been here for 15 years or more. The man I bought the house from had been here for around 25yrs.”

“Yeah, I remember Mr. Cooper. He had the biggest cat in the neighborhood. His name was George. That furry beast was mean and fast.  George caught and ate my parents’ two turtle doves.”

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8 thoughts on “BlogFestivus – Day 2

    1. I love the fact that you went through every BlogFestivus post, Nancy.
      Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to read each one. Truly.
      And, I am sorry about George.

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