The Occupy ‘Like’ Movement Starts Now

Like, I totally write like I talk. I mean, like, while I write, I totally hear my voice. It is so totally cool. Like, seriously cool. Interestingly enough, when I am writing, I am able to refrain from using the word ‘like’ inappropriately. Like, how weird is that?

Recently during dinner, our 6ry old was telling Rob and me about something that took place at school. Our 6yr old kid used the word ‘like’ more times than we could count. My husband and I looked at each other wide-eyed. I was like, “What the heck?”

I am on a mission, and I fear I represent the 1%. I fear the number of people able to carry on a conversation without misusing the word ‘like’ is 1% of the United States population.

To the other people of the US and the world – the 99% of you – please hear my plea… stop misusing the word ‘like’!

Frank Zappa is dead. The song “Valley Girl”, sung by Frank and his daughter, Moon Unit Zappa, was a hit in 1982. Like, that was so 20 or 30 centuries ago.

For those of you asking, “Who is Frank Zappa?” or “What is a Moon Unit Zappa?” then you have no business misusing the word ‘like’. Because, like, oh my gah’ahd, you were so not living, like, in the year of the Valley Girl. I mean, fer sure, like, you have no idea. Like, the year of the Valley Girl was so bitchin’. And, like, those who were, like, not living then – like, gag me with a spoon, I’m sure!

Ahem. My apologies. I seemed to have gotten a little carried away.

If you are uncertain of the definition of ‘like’, a link to Merriam Webster’s website is like here: Like – The Definition.

I assure you, ‘like’ need not be used after every other word during a dialogue. Unless you are offering an example of some sort or stating how you are fond of or have a preference for something, someone or some food (ie Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food), ‘like’ may have no business in your dialogue.

Examples of the proper usage of the word ‘like’ include but are not limited to: I have aΒ  preference for things like ice cream, chocolate, coffee and Guinness. It is not like me to pass up an opportunity to eat ice cream. Would you like apples or oranges? Do you like theΒ  television show, Eureka? In my opinion, Stark looks like Dr. McSteamy from Greys Anatomy.

Good people of the world – the 99% of you – the above paragraph is a wonderful example of the many uses of the word ‘like’. I encourage you to try to use the word properly. Do not throw it out with every breath or pause in your dialogue. Instead, milk that pause for all it’s worth, as you may find yourself enlightened by an even better thought or story to share with the person to whom you are speaking.

One more thing …

People of the world, do your best to stop using the word ‘um’! ‘Um’ is not a word. Like the word ‘like’ (see what I did there?), ‘um’ is used to fill in a pause or break in one’s train of thought. One need not replace one filler with another filler … like, um – like.

Join me. Be part of the 1%, and let’s become like 100%.

32 thoughts on “The Occupy ‘Like’ Movement Starts Now

    1. Oh my gosh. Where does your cousin live? Folks say ‘at’ here all the time. Ugh. I’m with you – I hate the use of ‘at’. But, the misuse of ‘like’ is more annoying, to me, because I hear it more than ‘at’.
      I must tell you, since reading your comment, I cannot get one particular song out of my head… “Where’s it at. I’ve got two turn tables and a microphone…”

  1. I hit the “like” button hehe πŸ™‚ No seriously as a Birt girl when I picture an American I do think they will say “like” a lot πŸ™‚ Mind you we used to say “innit?” a lot, which is worse!

    1. With all due respect, Vix – a Brit saying ‘like’ probably sounds far nicely and appropriate than when and American misuses ‘like’. The pleasantness of the British accent makes everything sound better. ‘Innit’ true? πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! Lenore it looks like, you are going to get lots of likes for this post of yours on like. Although i am not sure how many times you used the word “Like” in this post, but each like is placed at proper position so that not a single like is giving us a feeling that its too much use of word like. Everyone is going to like this one, some will hit the like buttons & some will mention in their comments that they like this one. So how can i be different, i also liked this one, just as other people liked it & some others will like after few more hours.
    I hope i did not use the word like too many times in my comment. Am I? I like the word like, more than i like any words other than like. I loved each like that comes with my post. I am like that only. πŸ™‚

  3. I never realize how many times I use the word like (and its awful cousin, you know) until I hear myself on a recording. Ugh!

  4. All of my students overuse the extragrammatical ‘like’, but I had one student who astoundingly stood out of the ‘like’ crowd. I once counted the times she used it and it was about 18 times in half a minute. That’s one ‘like’ every 2 seconds or so.

    I am part of the 1% and I stand proud!

    I especially love the irony of ‘liking’ this post πŸ™‚

    1. 18 times? Wow, Leonore. I’ve reached the point where I focus more on how many times a person is using the word ‘like’ and I miss what they are saying. ‘Like’ has become quite distracting, as of late. I do hope Rob and I are able to curtail the boys’ misuse of the word.
      I love comical irony, don’t you? πŸ™‚

  5. So true, Lenore. So sadly true. We have to make a concious effort to stop the madness! It’s gotten almost tourettic. I do say it, too. And, um..yep. Um…thinking up something witty to say… Nope. I got nottin. I will try to controll myself from here on in, and join the 1%!

    1. Full disclosure, Spectra – I say ‘like’ and ‘um’, too. I know. It’s a travesty. Still, when I heard my son misuse ‘like’ I realized I had to stop, and I had to reach out to the masses in an effort that we all stop. Thank you for joining the 1% – may others follow in your footsteps. (smile)
      Thanks for visiting, Spectra! Great to see you in the neighborhood!

    1. I don’t know that ‘you know’ ever bothered me. I probably don’t notice it when I hear it. But ‘like’… when I hear others say it with every other word, I cringe. And, when the word came out of my son’s mouth, well a mission was born. (smile) Thanks for reading, PW. Glad you – like – liked it!

  6. Like I don’t just like this post, like I LOVE this post! I particularly love that you Zappaed to the heart of the problem. The misuse of this work has bothered me to tears. But, um, I’m afraid I do hum and haw a good deal in my day to day speech. I try not to say “um” but it slips in there more than it should, as does yah, for yes.

    1. Thank you, Linda. The curse of the Valley Girl song! (smile) ‘Um’ does not bother me nearly as much as ‘like’. I understand the need for fillers – what I don’t understand is the frequent misuse of a word. Unless, of course, you are singing Valley Girl. Like, that is totally acceptable, fer sure.

  7. I really couldn’t agree more … I don’t LIKE like, I hate it.

    “Um .. so I like was talking to my friend and -like – she said that she really liked this guy but – like – he doesn’t know that she likes likes him .. – like – you know?”

    (Overheard Department Store clerk on her cell phone as I waited to pay for my purchase .. grr)


    1. I shake my head, MJ, as I read your quote. Having spent the weekend with my nieces and nephews, I was inundated with the misuse of ‘like’. Still, I believe we can overcome. (I hope we can overcome.) Thank you for reading and joining the 1%. (smile)

  8. LOL, this is ‘like’ seriously ‘like’ awesome πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i know its hard to have a conversation these days without hearing the word like all the time. weird.

    1. You know Karyn.. I have heard ‘with’ used in the way you described. I don’t hear it nearly as much as the misuse of ‘like’. I suppose too much of any misuse is aggravating. Thanks for visiting!

  9. This is totally like a bitchen post! Like, oh my God, it should so totally be Freshly Pressed…for sure! Ya know, like really? Like seriously!

    I’m the product of a southern California upbringing during the 80’s. In 7th grade, my friends and I would practice talking like a Valley Girl. Sadly, some of it has stayed with me. That’s why I’ll never do a vlog. Oh, and I’m certain I abuse the word ‘actually’ too.

    Wasn’t Nicholas Cage like so totally bitchen in Valley Girl? I totally loved him.

    1. Oh my stars! I fell in love with Nicholas Cage BECAUSE of his role in Valley Girl. His eyes…. his dark, droopy, puppy dog eyes! Like, he was real bitchin’. So totally awesome!
      I am so honored (and giddy) to have a REAL valley girl in my presence. Like, Oh my god, Nancy – I totally bow down to you. Fer sure, like that is the coolest thing.
      ‘Actually’, while always used properly, that word is heard constantly in our house. Actually, that word is heard – like – every hour.

      *sigh* Nicholas Cage. *swoon*

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