The Occupy ‘Like’ Movement Starts Now

Like, I totally write like I talk. I mean, like, while I write, I totally hear my voice. It is so totally cool. Like, seriously cool. Interestingly enough, when I am writing, I am able to refrain from using the word ‘like’ inappropriately. Like, how weird is that?

Recently during dinner, our 6ry old was telling Rob and me about something that took place at school. Our 6yr old kid used the word ‘like’ more times than we could count. My husband and I looked at each other wide-eyed. I was like, “What the heck?” Continue reading “The Occupy ‘Like’ Movement Starts Now”

Proof of what I’m not certain, nor do I think it needed to be proven.

If Maineiac can do it, I can do it. Right? I mean, she makes it look fun. She makes it look easy. And, she showed no signs of nervousness. Check it out for yourself; Maineiac posted a Vlog.

Me? I’m sweating just thinking about it. Good thing I am wearing deodorant.

Because Maineac did it. I’m going to do it. Please know, this does not mean I would jump off a bridge or drive off a cliff if Maineac did either one of those things.

ACK. I’m nervous. Continue reading “Proof of what I’m not certain, nor do I think it needed to be proven.”