10 things I know for sure that I don’t know

My intent is to share with you 10 things I know for sure that I don’t know. Please understand, I know for sure that I don’t know more than 10 things. I am not making a claim that there are only 10 things I don’t know for sure I don’t know.

Should I add the fact that you don’t know what I am trying to say to my list of things I know for sure that I don’t know? Then again, I don’t know if you do know what I am trying to say. Well, add that unknown to the list of things I know for sure that I don’t know.

Not knowing things is confusing! I hope I know more and don’t know less in my next life. I also want to live in Maine in my next life. But, because I know for sure that I want to live in Maine in my next life, the information does not belong within a post specifically about things I know for sure that I don’t know. You know?

The number one thing I know for sure that I don’t know is whether or not you are suppose to begin a list of 10 things beginning with one and counting up, or if you are suppose to begin a list of 10 things beginning with 10 and counting down. I know for sure, I don’t know.

Um, I don't know.

The number two thing I know for sure that I don’t know is why The Good Greatsby has such a crush on me. He is happily married and owns a smoking jacket. I am happily married (to the Great Goodsby, in fact) and have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in my freezer. Still, The Good Greatsby has a crush on me. If you go to his blog, you’ll see evidence of his crush all over the place. For example, he never mentions me, he does not write about me and he rarely visits my blog. I know, right? He’s so obvious. I know for sure, I don’t know.

The number three thing I know for sure that I don’t know is why I manage to get ice cream on my favorite shirts. Ice cream never drips on the shirts I don’t like. Why is that? I know for sure, I don’t know.

The number four thing I know for sure I don’t know is why – suddenly overnight – one random hair appears underneath my chin. No worries, you will never see it. I snag that bad-boy the instant I feel it. Pluck! It’s gone. But, I know for sure I don’t know why the random hair appears – suddenly, without notice.

"Mind your nose, Cherokee!"

The number five thing I know for sure I don’t know is why our dog Cherokee feels the need to bump people’s butts with her nose. We refer to her habit as ‘goosing’, and we warn ever guest of the pending ‘goose’. Still, I know for sure, I don’t know.

The number six thing I know for sure I don’t know is why – as a kid – I insisted I was told when to go the bathroom prior to getting in the car. Without fail, whether we were going to church, going on vacation or going to a fabric store, I had to have my Mom tell me when we were getting ready to walk out the door and get in the car, so I would know it was time to go potty. I know for sure, I don’t know why I insisted on such a thing.

The number seven thing I know for sure I don’t know is why a mouse suddenly appearing in my car – while I am driving – doesn’t bother me, but a tiny spider crawling across my desk makes me leap up instantly and scream. Why? I know for sure, I don’t know.

The number eight thing I know for sure I don’t know is why my son will eat spaghetti at my friend’s house but not at his house. I make the exact same spaghetti the exact same way, and my son claims he does not like it. I know for sure I don’t know.

The number nine thing I know for sure I don’t know is how my son can manage to not suck his finger all day, yet the instant he gets hold of his snuggly – the thumb goes straight into his mouth. Literally – the instant. You can take the snuggly away, and you’ll see his thumb come out of his mouth. You let him touch the snuggly, and his thumb goes back in his mouth. Back and forth, back and forth – that instant – that frequent – in – out, just as a blinker goes on – off. I know for sure, I don’t know.

The number twelve thing I know for sure I don’t know is how I managed to get two jobs doing bookkeeping, when numbers and math were and still are my most feared subjects.


Now for something completely different. In advance, I am apologizing to you for preaching.

Wait! Hold on a second, I’m not preaching religion. Promise! All you atheists and agnostics can read this post with no fear of me using religion. Promise. In fact, I’ll replace the form of the word ‘preach’ with nag.

In advance, I apologize for nagging. (Is that better?)

Later today, Friday August 12th, I am answering phones during a Care-A-Thon benefiting the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Aflac Children’s Cancer Center and Blood Disorder Service. I also answered phones yesterday. This is my second year volunteering with the Care-A-Thon. I volunteer, because I believe in the cause, and I believe children need the support of their elders. Furthermore, I am making an investment in Children’s Healthcare, should my own kids need care in the future.

While answering the phones yesterday, I received two calls from two different parents. Tracy C. informed me that his son was diagnosed with Leukemia in March of this year (2011). Tracy expressed his gratitude for the support Children’s and the Aflac Cancer Center has given his son and their entire family. Tracy made a donation on behalf of his family and in honor of his son.

Another caller was a Penny S. She first told me about her daughter’s friend and neighbor, who was currently battling terminal brain cancer. She said her 7yr old daughter was doing all she could to help her friend. Then, while trying to hold back her tears, Penny let me know that her 7yr old daughter was just diagnosed with brain cancer, too. Penny donated to the Aflac Cancer Center last year, during the Care-A-Thon, in honor of her daughter’s friend. This year, Penny donates to support her own daughter.

Marlo Thomas’ Dad, Danny Thomas, started St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. During St. Jude’s donation drives, I hear Marlo Thomas make the comment, “Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.”

As I sit and answer phones for the Care-A-Thon, I am in a constant state of giving thanks for the healthy kids in my life. And you better believe, I give on behalf of those who are not. Would you please give? If not to the Care-A-Thon, please give to a charity of your choice. Give today. Your support is needed.

“He, who helps a child, helps humanity with an immediateness which no other help given to human creatures in any other stage of their life can possibly give again.”  Phillips Brooks

23 thoughts on “10 things I know for sure that I don’t know

  1. My first thought after reading this was: I KNOW! (maybe…um…not too sure though…)

    And yes, I want to live in Maine in my next life, too. Wait a minute. Oh yeah. Cross that one off my bucket list. 🙂

    And yes, GG’s undying love for you is just getting out of hand. It’s all too tragic, really.

    Also, I understand about the drips on the shirt thing. And my kids loving a certain food only if it’s prepared by another person in another kitchen. Sigh.

    And good for you for donating your time to the cancer benefit! You are making a difference and that is wonderful, Lenore.

    1. I knew you would know, Darla. THAT is why you didn’t make the list. But, you knew that, right?
      Don’t be surprised if I appear on your doorstep one summer afternoon. Of course, I’d have to call first – and get directions – and well, I guess I wouldn’t really appear out of nowhere. Though, I’m certain I’d have GG by my side. Such a stalker, that GG. I’m referring to the Great Goodsby, of course. Not the GG that owns a smoking jacket. He’s not a stalker. That would make his crush on me too obvious.
      Thanks for reading! I was in a goofy mood. Or something.

  2. Hmmm… your favorite actor isn’t by chance Vin Diesel?
    Because I can see how this would affect the Good Greatsby. He’s a big fan. Probably the biggest. As most dudes with smoking jackets are.

    Seriously, though… it’s wonderful how you have been helping out with such a great cause… I applaud your efforts, Ms. D… I’m know they are greatly appreciated by many people!

    1. SIG, I am a closet Vin Diesel fan. As in, I keep him in the closet, and I am pleased he stays there. If he tries to come out – it’s not pretty. (smile) For the record, GG’s love for Vin Diesel started because I mentioned him in a post years ago. Okay, that’s not true. But, I did save alot on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!

  3. Will we ever get to see GG in his smoking jacket? His infatuation for you is so obvious. Is he that obvious about everything?
    Seriously now..congratulations on giving to ‘those who are not’.
    Reading this post had me giving thanks for my 4 healthy grandsons.

    1. I am glad you see the infatuation all the way in New Zealand, Judith. Clearly, his crush knows no boundaries. And yes, I would say GG is obvious about everything. Except when it comes to complimenting himself. He rarely speaks highly of himself, and if he does say something good about himself – he does it discretely.

      Here’s to your four healthy grandsons! Hugs to you!

  4. Bless you for your volunteer work and caring soul.

    GG (the one that is not your spouse) is pretty obvious in his deliberate attempts to appear non-chalant in regard to his crush on you. I’ll bet his wife will be terribly impressed that he is able to disguise his unrequited affection toward you so effectively.

    1. GG has the best wife, ever. Seriously, to put up with a husband that is so obviously obsessed with someone to the point that they never – ever – utter a word about the person. Well, GG’s wife deserves a reward. She is one strong woman. GG (the one that is my husband) agrees. Wait a minute …. (smile)

    1. Georgette, I love answering the phones. The people I talk with restore my faith in humankind. Some were upset they could only donate $10. To me, $10 (even $5) is more impressive than any other amount, because the giver feels the gift more. Do you know what I mean? To someone with little money – $10 is huge. Plus, I spoke with a man in his 70s – his name is Gordon. He is battling cancer. He hates the thought of a 3yr old battling cancer and experiencing the pain he experience. He could only afford $10, but he wanted to do something. I love it. People are good. Truly.

  5. I like that as a kid you were concerned about going to the bathroom before you went out. That shows a lot of forethought on your part. There are so many variables that come into play. Better to be safe than sorry. Because you never know how long you’ll be gone, you know?

    It sounds like the Care-A-Thon is a great event. Answering the phones is a good way to volunteer and get involved. Kudos to you!!

    1. “Mom! Is it time for me to go to the bathroom yet?” I’d yell to my Mom prior to every car ride. Crazy. I have so many quirks. I laugh at myself all the time.
      You are kind with your rationalizations of my quirk, Jacquelin. Thank you.

      The Care-A-Thon was fantastic. I look forward to doing it again next year.

  6. Ah… it’s come to this… wittering in my blog (I witter, therefore I am) Wittering in your blog (you witter, therefore you are) and on top of everything some excellent charity work. 🙂 Great!

    Oh and your mom wasn’t alone in telling you to go to the toilet before getting in the car, mine did too. Possibly one time I didn’t go to the toilet before getting in the car and she didn’t want a repeat of the experience! 😉

    1. This post embarrasses me, Val. Honest. It is such a wittering post. So funny. I just wanted to get something out. Babbling comes naturally – and that’s not always a good thing. (Smile) Good thing I could finish the post up with a bit about charity work. 🙂

  7. One seven-year-old with brain cancer is tragic enough. Two in the same neighborhood is unbearable. I hear rumors all the time about how there’s a known cure for cancer, but that the cure is being hidden because there’s so much money to be made from the disease. That story you told has to mean the rumors are false. It has to.

    1. Isn’t it awful?
      I cannot fathom man being evil enough to hold back a cure in the name of profit. No way. I suppose somewhere – someone – may be capable of such a travesty. However, generally speaking, the good folks that run these organizations like ‘Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’, truly are trying to save lives. CURE is another organization that fights for the cure. We’ll find one. At the very least, Cancer will become a chronic illness, just like AIDS is now.

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