No Title, No Rhyme, No Reason – Just a Ramble

I am in a state of flux. Wait a second; I’m not known for my vast verbal knowledge. However, I am known to use words inappropriately. Let me make certain ‘flux’ is the right word.

Wow. My apologies, Readers. According to Merriam-Webster, the noun form of the word flux means, “a flowing of fluid from the body: as (a) diarrhea (b) dysentery.” Trust me when I say, I am not in a state of having fluid flow from my body. Moreover, I had no intention of starting off my post this way.

Keep in mind, there are 6 separate definitions for the word flux. The fourth definition is as follows: “(a): influx (b): change, fluctuation <in a state of flux>.” I believe the fourth meaning is what I am after when I say, “I am in a state of flux.” My intention is to let you know that things are moving quickly in my world. Change is taking place, and I am having a hard time finding footing in the shifting sand. Wheels are turning … many different wheels.

Note to self: Don’t try to impress with big words (or little words as it were) and fancy phrases, just say what you mean and mean what you say.

The Log Lodge

Are you still with me? I mean, after the flux issue, I’d be surprised to still have you here – reading this. Which, by the way, is going nowhere too quickly.

My oldest boy is starting first grade, while my youngest starts kindergarten. The boys are entering a new school, and I am excited about their adventure. Honest.

Yet, there is a knot growing in my stomach. I’ve been avoiding what is in front of me; yet, it still approaches, and it is getting closer.

My youngest is leaving the Log Lodge. My boys have been a part of the Log Lodge for the past 5+ years. I’m not ready to leave the Log Lodge. I’m not ready.

I’ve written about the Log Lodge in the past, and I intend to write about the Log Lodge again. Soon. Frankly, my intention was to write about it last week. Instead, I have deliberately allowed work and life to get in the way of my writing. I’m not ready.


Time for lunch!

Because Joe’s school closed (foreclosed), summer camp was canceled. As a result, Joe is spending his summer at home with me and his Dad. Rob stays with Joe twice a week, while telecommuting from home, and I stay with Joe three times a week, while telecommuting from home. (Thankfully, one of my jobs requires heading to my boss’ house at least once a week, so I am able to get out of the house.)

Working from home with a 6yr old in the house is challenging. Joe is a trooper. Generally speaking, he plays well by himself. Still, the kid gets bored. And, the kid wants to eat lunch. Every day.

I’ve tried to explain to Joe that working through lunch is a valuable skill one should learn early in life. Instead of asking me to stop what I am doing to make him a PB&J, he should take the time to clean his room, wash the bathroom, do laundry…. Oh. The laundry. Right. I was supposed to do that today.

What was I saying? Smoothies. Well, I was working towards smoothies.

See, while we were in Florida, my friend made us smoothies. Mmmm, delicious! When we returned home, the kids, Rob and I found ourselves craving smoothies. I attempted to make one, after searching all over for the blender. Well, after searching all over for the blender and cleaning off the dirt, dust and cobwebs. Apparently, we haven’t used our blender in years.

My attempt was not well received – neither my family nor the blender were impressed. The family wrinkled their noses, and the blender coughed, gasped and nearly died.

Fear not readers, I was not deterred! With Rob’s blessing, I purchased a new blender, a Ninja Pro. My friends, please let me introduce you to the Smoothie Making Pro …. dun dun daaaaah…….. Um. It’s me kids. I’m the smoothie making pro. My smoothies rock.

Ever since purchasing the new kick-ass blender, Joe and I have enjoyed fresh smoothies for lunch.

Working two jobs with a child at home is tough. There are days when I could spit nails. Still, as the first day of school approaches, I find myself sipping the smoothies more slowly. I’m going to miss my non-working lunches with Joe.

One for Joe, two for me. Is that wrong? Oh hush. (please)


What is up with the world, people? Riots. Gangs. Violence.

Yes, I know. Riots, gangs and violence have existed in one form or another for centuries. Still, does this mean it must continue to exist? Do those partaking in the riots, gangs and violence realize they are destroying their own community – thereby destroying their own future?

Deep down inside, I am sure they realize they are harming themselves. Unfortunately, caring, compassion, kindness and respect all take effort. Being violent, rioting and fighting is easy. In fact, frowning comes naturally. Smiling takes effort. Some things are worth the effort though. We are worth the effort.

Shoot, I am worth the effort. Rob is worth the effort. Joe, Charlie, my siblings, my Mom, etc. they are all worth the effort. You are worth the effort, too. You know you are worth the effort. And, you know your loved ones are worth the effort. So, make the effort. Do something. Listen. Talk. Talk. Listen.

Stop with the negative. Take hold of the simple thought, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Yes, that takes effort. Being silent, I mean. But make the effort. You are worth it. Even those that engage in violent acts are worth the effort. In fact, they need your help.

If you haven’t read my post Interrupted with Hope, please take a moment and read it. I don’t believe it is the best post I’ve written, but I do believe it contains one of the most important messages about which I’ve written. If former ‘criminals’ can turn their life around and take a stand to stop the violence, so can you. (I say sweetly.)


Be kind. Take care of yourself and each other.

24 thoughts on “No Title, No Rhyme, No Reason – Just a Ramble

  1. I really chuckled over your “flux” dilemma, Lenore! Words just spill out of my brain, too, and I have to be careful.

    I’m a smoothie freak – not only the yummy Mango Tofu, fruit and nuts type, but also the veggie ones. It’s an incredible way to have kids get veggies they would never ordinarily eat – like kale!

    1. Oh Soul Dipper…. I keep Merriam/Webster busy, and still I flub words. I try. Really.

      I hope to venture into veggie smoothies. Right now I am enjoying the blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, etc. fruit ones. But, I do foresee carrots, spinach, etc. Kale? I need to pace myself. (smile)

      Glad I gave you a chuckle, and I did not deter you from reading the post!

  2. A smoothie in a Hard Times glass is just wrong on so many different levels. Unless it’s cuz the smoothie and the glass remind you of me. 😀

    1. I was hoping you noticed. I literally turned the glass around to show the Hard Times Cafe picture. Though you are correct, those glasses are intended for adult beverages – not fruity beverage.

  3. Some things are worth the effort though. We are worth the effort.
    Exactly and absolutely.

  4. I had to laugh at you being flummoxed at flux. (I don’t even know what I just said just now…hmm…time to look up AGAIN!) I love reading big words. I like looking them up. Exercise my brain a little. But the problem is, I usually forget their meaning as soon as I sit down to write. 🙂

    I am going through major changes this fall, too. Both my kids will be at the same school. Julia will be in preK (only half days) and Christian will be in third. I will be at home taking care of a baby some days (not my own baby of course!) and wondering why the house is so quiet and still. Sigh. Time to get back out into the big bad working world!

    We love smoothies too. Very Vanilla soy milk, bananas and strawberries with yogurt. Think I’ll have to make one now. Cheers!

    1. Flummoxed. Ah, Darla – you’ve made my day. I love that word! Merriam Webster is on my bookmarks toolbar. Literally, I access it daily. Mainly, I’m not accessing it PRIOR to using a word, I am accessing it AFTER using a word to make sure I didn’t screw it up….

      Change is constant, isn’t it? I think the prepping for the change is harder than the change itself. Worry and anticipation is exhausting! Why it leaves me flummoxed.

      I’ve yet to put soy milk in the smoothies. Just fruit, honey, plain yogurt and ice. Who knew smoothies could bring so much joy. Ben & Jerry have some serious competition in my house these days!

  5. And to think I use the word “flux” often and just in the way you intended … oops.

    As Mom to older boys I will say this: take a break and fix/have lunch together. Time passes, children grow, and then their friends become important and suddenly they’re not home for lunch as much and you’ll pine for them. Work … will still be there.


    1. MJ,
      When I was working at my boss’ house last week, Joe was sad because Rob didn’t make him a smoothie. Lunch time with Joe is special time, for certain. Thank you for sharing your real life experience/words of wisdom. Always nice seeing you here.
      Hugs back to you,

  6. It takes effort…I will have to put my blender to work and Osterize one of those homemade smoothies. You don’t have to go to Orange Julius to get/make one. You know they’ve been around since 1926?
    This fall I have been assigned an online course…how do you teach a foreign language online? I will have to steal SAM’s word flummoxed…flummoxed I was…. Basically, I’m pretty old fashioned but as everyone knows…change is constant. So I will pull ole Effort out and give it my best… now I’m getting excited. Thank you for the ramble.

    1. In the early 90s I bought smoothies from a place called Planet Smoothie. For whatever reason, I stopped buying smoothies. My boss made one while I was at her house, and she shared it with me. It was divine. I am so lazy, I didn’t pursue doing it at home. But, after a week of freshly made smoothies by my friend – I realized some things are worth the effort. As I told Darla (aka SAM – love that, by the way), Ben & Jerry have some serious competition in our house ever since I started making smoothies.

      So, you are teaching a foreign language online? I hope you’ll tell us about how you go about completing that task. Here’s to your efforts with little to no flummoxing. (Glad you enjoyed the ramble.)

    1. Yes, Angel – you have one big change looming, eh? A wonderful change, I assure you. A crazy, maddening, uplifting, frustrating, wonderful change. So many things bundled into one! (Literally.)
      The smoothies ARE delicious. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by – I’ll make you one. That’s a promise!

  7. Breakfast time here in NZ so I will get out the blender (if I can find it) and make a smoothie.
    By the way, and this is really important, take the time for lunch with your littlies. They grow up so quickly and other people become more important to them. Enjoy them while you have them. 🙂

  8. What lovely sentiments, Lenore – about the smoothies and being kind to each other. 🙂 Smoothies are more delicious of course, but being kind is more rewarding.

  9. I LOVE smoothies!
    Although I have a bit of a problem… with smoothie portion control (did I mention I LOVE smoothies)? Which can create a flux problem, at times.
    *sigh* Oh, the woes of being a ninja novice…

    1. There is nothing wrong with daiquiris, Angie. Nothing at all. In fact, I may have to make one or four. (smile) Thanks for visiting and commenting. Nice to have you here!

  10. Those smoothies are the perfect response to this torment of change we all feel. You take these ingredients and throw them into a blender, and what comes out is something completely different — and perfectly wonderful. We just have to get ourselves through the messy part, and the noise.

    Great post, Lenore.

    1. Funny you should mention the noise, Charles. Rob loves the smoothies, but he cannot stand the noise of the blender.
      I really appreciate what you said about smoothies and blenders relating to changes in life. Very nice, my friend. I’ll be reminded of your thought every time I make and enjoy a smoothie. Thank you.

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