July is National Ice Cream Month, not that I need an excuse to eat ice cream.

Another day at the beach, and the morning was beautiful. Though the temperatures were forecast to be in the low 90s with high humidity in the afternoon, the thermometer was a pleasant 78 degrees. The sky was clear, and the breeze was enough to cause the wind chimes to fill the air with pleasant music. With such a wonderful morning in front of me, I decided to go surfing.

With my freshly made coffee at my side, I sat down on the comfortable sofa and began to surf. What? Did you think I meant water surfing? Please.

As I was saying, I was enjoying my early morning surfing, when I found something pertaining to ice cream. As those who know me would expect, I stopped and accessed the link. What followed was a blurb about July being National Ice Cream month. Thankfully, I’ve know about National Ice Cream month, and I’ve been celebrating.

According to Yahoo!’s Who Knew, the average household consumes 12 quarts of ice cream per year. Take a look at at the video either by clicking on the link or accessing the embedded video.

How much we love ice cream.

Now, let me repeat, “The average household consumes 12 quarts of ice cream a year.” Though I am not a math mathematician, I have a calculator, and I am going to try and use the aforementioned statistic to come up with my ice cream consumption per year. Ready? Perhaps you should sit down.

Okay, so I consume an average of 4 pints a week. Yes, 4 pints. Please don’t get all judgmental on me. I am addicted to ice cream. I own the addiction. Now please, close your mouth. You’re not exactly addiction free.

As I was saying, I consume an average of 4 pints of ice cream a week. A quart consists of two pints. If I consume 4 pints of ice cream, that equals 2 quarts. Are you with me? L1, are you with me?

There are 52 weeks in a year. I know this, because my friend Andrea HT works in Human Resources, and she would remind me time and time again, whenever I asked her about my potential take home pay for new jobs. (I have a Rolodex full of mathematical resources, whom I contact when math is required.)

To continue, we have 4 pints of ice cream a week, which equals 2 quarts per week. When one multiplies 2 quarts by 52 weeks, one gets 104 quarts.

[Insert “GASP!” here.]

So, I consume approximately 104 quarts of ice cream a year. One hundred four. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Maybe I should be embarrassed by admitting I consume an average of 104 quarts of ice cream a year, but I am not embarrassed. However, I am startled by the fact that my ice cream consumption is over 8 times the national average. 8 times! Okay, perhaps I am a wee bit embarrassed.

I think I had better start exercising. My weight is bound to increase, if my current rate of ice cream consumption continues.

Have you celebrated National Ice Cream Month yet?

29 thoughts on “July is National Ice Cream Month, not that I need an excuse to eat ice cream.

  1. I am so proud of you right now. The only ice cream I consume is Weight Watchers chocolate ice cream bars. Otherwise we are mostly a frozen yogurt family. In fact, Hot Joe pours a container of Yoplait into a little blue bowl for me each night and puts it in the freezer at about 7:00 pm and a couple of hours later I have my surprise frozen yogurt for a late night dessert while we watch TV together. I always have to try and guess the flavor (I’m usually totally wrong). HOWEVER, I have been craving good old fashion ice cream for a few days now. And who can even say which flavor is the best? (sigh).

    1. You’re proud and not appalled, Kim? Thank you.
      Your Hot Joe is awesome. What a fantastic idea to put the yogurt in the freezer for a late night treat.
      That is actually a great idea. I wonder if pudding would work. We eat soy pudding in this house. I may have to try freezing it and see what happens.
      I hope you are able to get in a little ice cream this month. Everyone deserves a bit of the dairy delight. Even the lactose intolerant, thanks to pills. (smile)

  2. Don’t feel bad at all, Lenore. We all scream for ice cream. Jim actually likes ice cream much more than I do, so we always have some crazy flavor in the freezer. My kids are pretty easy to please, they like plain vanilla. What helps me with the possible weight gain? I just eat a big spoonful real quick over the sink and I find that way the calories don’t count. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support, Darla. Your kids have good taste, because you can always dress up vanilla with extra treats! It’s a blank canvas, so to speak.
      You’re able to limit yourself to one big spoonful? I tip my hat to you. Will power I lack…*sigh*

  3. We usually have two quarts in the freezer when family is home, my exotic preference…moose tracks, tin roof, or the traditional mint chocolate chip…and, we also, have just plain…I inserted the “just plain”… vanilla. Now just plain vanilla screams out to me to also, have sprinkles, chocolate kit-kats, chocolate syrup, and m&m’s on hand…just in case somebody wants to get adventuresome. Interesting how all those ingredients remain on the shelves and in the refrigerator…how did I know that? My altruistic shopping bounces back to me.

    1. Georgette, vanilla is the blank canvas of ice cream. At least, that’s my opinion. And, I love every single topping you mentioned. Mint chocolate chip is another favorite of mine. If Ben & Jerry ever decide to go that route, Phish Food will have some stiff competition in my freezer.

    1. Well, my jeans are tighter this morning. I blame the ice cream consumption while vacationing for 10 days. I will try to limit myself to one pint this week, as I work to fit back into the jeans. I need to move a bit more, too. Move more – eat less – have room for more ice cream! That’s my motto. (smile)

  4. Hey, Lenore… in case it makes you feel any better, on the news last night they said it was 26 QUARTS … so maybe its not such a big deal after all!!! We’re not big on ice cream in this household (maybe 2 quarts a year), but you sure wouldn’t know it be looking at my waistline!! Lesee …hummm … could it be the chocolate chip cookies I make, or the butter on the home-made bread??? BINGO! I’ll eat some ice cream tonight in your honor :} Until next time .. Donna

    1. Donna, I’m honored that you will enjoy some ice cream tonight – in my honor. Thank you. I hope you enjoy every bite of the dairy delight. Mmmm, mmm, good!
      Meanwhile, your home baked goodies sound incredible. I can smell the cookies and bread baking. Yummy! Hey, you could sprinkle some of your home baked cookies on your ice cream one night. OR – you could make a chipwich! Thanks for visiting!

  5. I do love ice cream, but the lactose-intolerance imposes a natural limit on that enjoyment. If the ice cream is the really rich, full-fat variety, I can’t handle more than a few spoonfuls before I get the ‘sour milk stomach’, which is my warning sign to go no further. I usually get the double-churned stuff that Edy’s and Breyer’s have now, and then I can have the actual serving size of half a cup.

    Now, you might have felt a twinge of guilt at your consumption, but when I tell people I eat half a cup and then stop, they think I’m some sort of freak! (And for the record, if that 12 or 25 quarts a year is based on self-reporting, I’d bet money that your consumption is much closer to average than you thing! Either that, or freaks like me are bringing the average down 🙂 )

    I don’t really like a lot of toppings. Again, I’m a weirdo here. I like ‘plain’ or simple flavors. I love a really good vanilla and I don’t like toppings distracting me from the creaminess 🙂

    Mmm, so glad I bought a quart just yesterday because I definitely want some after reading this!

    1. Leonore, I don’t know what I would do if I were lactose intolerant. I would more than likely take whatever pill was available, enabling me to enjoy the creamy delicacy.
      I admire your willpower to stop at just a bite or two, even with the reasoning behind it. I also appreciate the support you’ve given me regarding my annual average consumption of ice cream. I never dreamed people would hide excessive ice cream eating. Shameful! 🙂

      While I appreciate the value of plain, I do enjoy some toppings and mixtures. The fact that I prefer toppings and added ingredients probably stems from my love for chocolate. If it is a flavor other than chocolate ice cream, then I need a chocolate topping. Having said that, I do enjoy a plain bowl of Breyers chocolate. No toppings required.

      I hope you enjoy your spoonfuls of ice cream this month. Glad I could inspire you. 🙂

      1. Mmm, now that you mention chocolate, I always did like that chocolate syrup that hardened on the ice cream and made a crunchy, chocolatey crust. And nuts. I like the contrast of the crunch and saltiness in the ice cream.

        So need to hit the grocery store now for Magic Shell and nuts! 😉 Good think I already have cones!

  6. I didn’t know there was a National Ice Cream month. Thanks for the valuable information, Lenore. We love ice cream and I’m sure our family consumption greatly exceeds 12 quarts a year. But, who’s counting? Besides, I need the calcium!

  7. As someone who’s pre-marriage idea of a great Saturday night was a menage’trois with my boyfriends Ben and Jerry, I have no room to judge. Additionally,. the size of my rear is a dead giveaway. I love ice cream, and in my mind it’s my best weapon against osteporosis!

    Enjoy those 104 quarts……but you never mentioned your favorite flavor!

    1. L4, you are not the first person to mention ice cream as a way to ward off osteoporosis, and for that fact – I am grateful. I appreciate all the rationalizations I can get to support my passion. (smile) Ben and Jerry have never disappointed me. Sure, the jeans fit tighter and the hind end may be wider … but I can always take a break, and they will wait for me patiently.

      I enjoyed a pint last night – for the record ‘n all. It was yummy!

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