July is National Ice Cream Month, not that I need an excuse to eat ice cream.

Another day at the beach, and the morning was beautiful. Though the temperatures were forecast to be in the low 90s with high humidity in the afternoon, the thermometer was a pleasant 78 degrees. The sky was clear, and the breeze was enough to cause the wind chimes to fill the air with pleasant music. With such a wonderful morning in front of me, I decided to go surfing.

With my freshly made coffee at my side, I sat down on the comfortable sofa and began to surf. What? Did you think I meant water surfing? Please.

As I was saying, I was enjoying my early morning surfing, when I found something pertaining to ice cream. As those who know me would expect, I stopped and accessed the link. What followed was a blurb about July being National Ice Cream month. Thankfully, I’ve know about National Ice Cream month, and I’ve been celebrating. Read more