Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #13

Last week, the SPOT update I received had Adventure Girl hanging up her backpack NW Pittsfield, MA. The hanging of her backpack came after stepping off the trail for several days, while she flew to GA for college orientation.

Note to all those keeping track: Adventure Girl did not skip any of the trail, during her ‘off time’. She was picked up and dropped off in the same location.

Since last week, Adventure Girl entered the great state of Vermont (Mmmm… Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Based on her SPOT update from yesterday, she is now located north of Button Hill and south of Round Hill in VT (Mmmm… Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Though many miles are ahead of her, only one state is between Adventure Girl and Mount Katahdin, ME. (The state of New Hampshire)

Adventure Girl enters Vermont

In addition to snapping a picture, Adventure Girl found time to update her journal. Enjoy the update on her journey, in her own words.


I got to Vermont a couple of days ago and so far I am loving it! It is quite muddy and buggy, but I really like the trail. I saw a baby moose on my first full day in Vermont. That was so exciting and also kinda scary! I was in a really muddy section, so I was looking at the ground to try and avoid the worst of the mud. As I was walking I saw some moose tracks in the mud and got excited. Just after seeing the tracks I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and when I turned there was a moose RIGHT next to me. It was so close I stopped and my jaw dropped. It was amazing. Then the moose started ambling down the trail in the direction I needed to go no less, and that’s when I got a bit nervous. I could tell the little guy was starting to get agitated with my presence and the fact that I was following him was not something he seemed to be keen on. Luckily he listened to my consoling and comforting words and did not attack me. This was yet another case when if someone had walked up on me they would have thought I was nuts as I was talking to a moose.

I climbed to the top of Stratton Mountain yesterday, this is the mountain on which Benton Mackaye had the idea for creating the Appalachian Trail. I could see why, it was a really nice view, probably made better by the cherries a couple from outside of Philadelphia. They were really nice people and I talked to them for a while before heading down to Stratton Pond. It was quite buggy down there, so I decided to set up my tent in the shelter, which I had all to myself. Recently there have not been many thru-hikers around. Which has been interesting. I wonder where they all went! haha

I broke down and bought buy spray in town today… so far on this trip I hadn’t used any, but recently the bugs have been worse and well they are just annoying. You can’t even stop and enjoy lunch or a break because the minute you stop the bugs are on you! Hopefully this bug spray will allow a more enjoyable lunch experience.

The Whites are fast approaching, I am both nervous and excited to reach them. I know they are going to be extremely challenging, but they are also such a huge mile stone! Well I’m off to relax and mentally prepare for the trail ahead!

I’m not surprised to learn Adventure Girl had to break down and buy bug spray. The further north you travel in New England, the bigger the biters get. The size alone makes the Maine mosquito comparable to a horsefly. Tune in next Saturday, faithful readers, and find out how far Adventure Girl traveled this coming week. Maybe, just maybe – Adventure Girl will go off-trail, stop in Waterbury, VT and eat some freshly made Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in honor of her Aunt Lenore. In the meantime, enjoy your own adventure (and ice cream).

4 thoughts on “Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #13

  1. Ahhhh…sweet bug spray. I noted that “bugs” seemed to be the annoying part and was happy to see her seek relief from a can. The moose tale will be memorable for her. I will try to tune in next week…will be going to the lake with my mother…I’ll find a connection.

    1. Georgette, I realize she still has about 30 days (give or take) left in her journey, still I feel the same sense of excitement and anticipation as I do when I am finishing a great novel. I love how you are going to the lake with your mother … but you’ll find a connection. šŸ™‚ Thank you for staying on the trail with us.

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