Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #9

Last week, I ended the post wondering whether or not Adventure Girl was sucked into Eternity due to the Rapture. Well faithful readers, wonder no more! Or wait, was I the only one wondering? No matter, Adventure Girl is still hiking the Appalachian Trail! Based on her SPOT message received Sunday May 22nd, she was ‘alive and doing fine’.

“I am alive and doing fine!!” Adventure Girl’s SPOT notices always state those same six words. Often, I wish she would offer a different word or two, some sort of crumb, feeding my appetite of vicarious living. Alas, the same six words are sent, with only the location changing.

Adventure Girl and Some Super Hero Wanna-be

On Sunday, Adventure Girl was located somewhere along Lancaster Ave/PA State Hwy 501. Based on the location, I’m guessing she was spending the night in the comfort of a shelter.

On Wednesday May 25th, we received big news from Adventure Girl. Something I longed for came to fruition. Adventure Girl’s SPOT message did not say “I am alive and doing fine!!” Instead, she wrote, “Over half way another good day!!!” Finally! More crumbs to nibble. Now, if I could just get her to update her trail journal.

Enter Captain Amish.

Captain Amish has swooped in to assist me in the telling of Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales. Accompanying Adventure Girl on the hike of a lifetime, Captain Amish put together a little video. During one of their stops, Captain Amish shared the video on Facebook. Thrilled to see Adventure Girl in the big screen of Facebook, I asked Captain Amish if she would upload the video to YouTube.

Before we get to the video, I want to share with you the latest location of Adventure Girl. Based on her SPOT message on Friday, May 27th, she was located just outside Bangor! Yes, Bangor! However, I am referring to Bangor, PA, not Bangor, ME. [Insert my own silly giggles for tricking you. Yes, I tricked you. Oh. Whatever.] Adventure Girl is somewhere along Wilkes-Barre Turnpike and PA State Route 115. Having traveled well over 1,000 miles, she continues to put one hiking boot in front of the other.

Though Adventure Girl is only visible for a short period of time, appearing in two scenes (the gal on the left in the first scene), Captain Amish’s video gives us a better idea of the adventure, providing large chunks of food to feed our appetite of vicarious living. Please enjoy your meal, and continue the journey Adventure Girl!

11 thoughts on “Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #9

    1. You’re welcome, Wendy. I am happy to report, Adventure Girl updated her journal this week. So Saturday’s post will mostly be in her words. Yay!! ~ Lenore

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