Washing the Egg off my Face

He did it! Our 6yr old boy completed several loops around his school’s parking lot! When asked whether or not he had fun, Joe’s face lit up with a smile, “Yes!” He said.

Though I was not able to attend the ’round and ’round, the smile on his face when he got home and the pictures taken by the Director are proof enough for me; Joe had a blast. I am a proud Mom, even if I did have to grovel and beg for money. Read more

Yes, this is egg on my face.

You might be one of them, standing by the entry way to the grocery store with your youngin’ in tow, waiting for people to walk by you, hoping to make eye contact with the individual and ask the question, “Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies?” Or maybe, you are the one that drives your son around the neighborhood, stopping at every house and walking with him to the door, as he does his best to sell popcorn for his Cub Scout troop.

I was never going to be that parent. Nope. If my kid was asked to raise money or sell something, I told myself I would make him do the work on his own. He needed to find out – through hard work and pavement pounding – what was involved in raising money, whether the money came from selling something or taking part in a sporting event. No Siree! I was not going to do my son’s work for him. It was his job. Not mine. Read more