Addictions. One year later.

Addictions come in all kinds of flavors. That was the title of a post I wrote a year ago today – March 30, 2010. As my 40-day journey without Facebook and Twitter continues, (I’ve reached the halfway point) I am no longer able to deny the fact that I was (ahem, am) addicted to those social media outlets. Conversations of rationalizations continue to pop up in my head, “You could just log on for a second. See if anyone has sent you an important message. You don’t want to appear rude by not responding, do you?”


My real friends know me. They know I am not being rude. In fact, those who really know me continue to stay in touch through other modes of communication. Still, I try to rationalize a ‘quick fix’ or just ‘one hit’. How sad am I? How sad I am.

Interestingly enough, at least to me, I have not picked up any new addictions with the loss of Facebook and Twitter. I mean, typically, if someone gives up one habit, the given up habit is quickly replaced with another habit. I fully expected to pick up another habit, in lieu of Facebook and Twitter, but I am habit free!

Okay, fine. You got me. I am not addiction habit free. I have replaced one addiction habit with another addiction habit. I can quit any time, though. Honest.

My new addiction? Blogging. Well, blogging and reading blogs. Well, blogging, reading blogs and commenting on blogs. That’s all though. Promise. Okay fine, I’m addicted to blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs and subscribing to blogs. Dang, you guys are tough!

Know what else? I find these blog-related addictions far more stimulating than Facebook and Twitter. (Keep your minds out of the gutters, readers. This is a kid’s show.)

There are some excellent bloggers within these here walls of WordPress. Though I’ve yet to grace the walls of WordPress’ Freshly Pressed, I have found and subsequently subscribed to fabulous finds through Freshly Pressed. I have subscribed to so many blogs, that my morning paper is now the daily updates of my fellow bloggers. I love waking up to their stories, viewpoints and humor, covering a wide range of topics. Some posts tug at your heartstrings, while other posts make you snort your coffee out of your nose from laughter. (Yes, it burns.) Other posts invite you to compete for Private Sparkle. (Do not go up against me, because he will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.)

As I become more and more active within the blogosphere, I find I need yet another word for friend: Blog Buddies. (What? Does that creep you out a bit? Too touchy-feely maybe?) The bloggers are – for the most part – anonymous. I doubt I’d recognize The Life of Self-Professed Rocket Surgeon, havocandshine, Notes from a Rumbly Cottage, Japecake, The Good Greatsby, Sunflower Girl or livelaughloveliquor (just to name a few), if I passed them on the street. Still, as I stalk their blog, I enjoy reading their take on life. Again, I find my addiction to WordPress far more stimulating than Facebook and Twitter.

I wonder if I’ll access Facebook and Twitter once the 40 days have passed. Yeah, I know I will, but I am willing to bet the pull to access it daily will be reduced significantly. Unless, of course, I get a Facebook Friend request from my fellow bloggers. Right. Like that would ever happen.

Full disclosure, I’m still addicted to “Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger” Doritos, Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food” and “S’mores” ice cream and – new for 2011 – Dutch Monkey Doughnuts. Plus, I must confess, I am addicted to changing my WordPress theme. Though, the theme change addiction comes as no surprise, because I rearrange the furniture in our house several times throughout the year. Okay, so add rearranging furniture to my increasing list of addictions. I wonder if I should seek professional help.

9 thoughts on “Addictions. One year later.

  1. Ooh I can sure relate to this; I’ve only been blogging since October and already I have spent far more time writing mine and reading and being inspired by others. Far more entertaining than “we had tacos tonight” on Facebook. I still keep my Facebook but login very infrequently and now – most of my updates are just my blog posting to FB.

    Fun, thought-provoking post. Glad I never started Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. What do you know – we had tacos last night! (kidding) Thanks for stopping by and commenting, MJ. I am glad you enjoy the post. You are part of my morning paper ritual. I appreciate your goodies, too!

  2. I agree with you completely – blogging is much more stimulating than Facebook or Twtitter. I actually deleted my Facebook account completely in the autumn…and I now I have a better relationship with my close friends, because we make more of an effort to call and see each other! I look forward to hearing more about how your 40 days go ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you stopped by and left a note. The first week or so without Facebook was hard, I admit. However, with each passing day, I am missing it less and less. Plus, I honestly believe my writing is better. (The readers may disagree.) Without FB, there is less clutter and white noise, you know? Anyway, thank you for visiting. I hope you return again and again.

  3. I’ve never been addicted to facebook and in fact got so bored I deleted my account, and twitter’s never grabbed me. But I’ve been blogging on and off since 2004 and this is definitely an addiction!

    1. I will go back to Facebook after Easter. I am really interested to see if it will have the same pull it had prior to my giving it up. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s to more writing! Cheers!

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