Parentheses (And, I think I need to get out more.)

What motivates me to write day to day is anyone’s guess. Though I go to bed every night with a bombardment of ideas, I wake up forgetting the ideas I had prior to sleep. While driving the boys to school, I find myself flipping through my mind in search of an idea, like one flips through office files.

Today, I found motivation through a wake boarding video. [Have a look.] Well, it wasn’t the video so much; it was the email I sent to my husband and a friend, two fellow wake boarders. The email was short, only one sentence: “Pretty cool (and short) video of a guy wake boarding (by winch) on a cranberry bog.” Yet, I noticed I managed to use two sets of parentheses. As I thought about it (because I love to over-think things), I realized I use parentheses all the time. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

I’m not sure why I feel the need to use parentheses so frequently. I tend to ramble and go off on tangents. (Surprising, I know.) I suppose my use of parentheses is a way I can digress, much like I do in face to face conversations. Oh, and I like to hug. Maybe I use parentheses to hug my words and thoughts. (Aw. These thoughts are kept cozy and warm inside these parentheses.)

Perhaps by using parentheses, writers are able to over-think things with a little more style. Over thinking by using parentheses may give the thought more drama and flair. (Parentheses are like – wait for it – jazz hands!) Plus, when you write, you lose the ability to show emotion and excitement through facial expressions and hand gestures. (I’m not referring to rude hand gestures, necessarily.) By sprinkling parentheses throughout my writing, I feel I am more actively expressing myself. (Jazz hands!)

Then again, perhaps this is just an example of me over-thinking something. (It happens.) (Often.) Then again – again, perhaps this is just an example of me procrastinating. After all, I have month-end billing to complete for my paid gig. (Gosh, I hope my boss isn’t reading this post.)

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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