Fat Friday

.:: Prep Time
Today, if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, you may be suffering from a food or family hangover. As we loaded up our car and got ready for the drive to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, I had to laugh at the grumbling and groaning taking place. So much hustle bustle in preparing for a family function can make for cranky kids and cranky spouses. Once everyone was in the car, I noticed a long period of silence. (Which is no small feat with two boys under the age of 6.) Apparently, we all needed a moment (or five) to decompress from the prep.

Once we reached my sister’s house an hour later, we were all smiles. Happy to be at our destination, we were ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. My smile grew wider when my brother arrived. My brother’s drive is shorter, just 5 minutes, which leaves little decompression time. And, based on the facial expression of my brother’s two boys, it seemed as though their family prep time also brought with it some grumbling, groaning and crankiness. Ah, the holidays!

Tonight, some of my siblings are heading to our house. We will enjoy dinner together, and then we’ll head out to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. We’re all looking forward to it. Although, since folks are coming here – Rob, the boys and I won’t have decompression time after we tackle the family-visiting-prep. Uh-oh.


The holiday craziness has begun –
‘Tis the season for food, folks and fun.

Shopping, wrapping and baking, too –
The list is long – so much to do.

The family time makes life worth living.
So, enjoy the crazy and thanks keep giving.


Be kind, and take care of yourself and each other.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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