Project 366: Day 327 Thankful Thursday

While Rob and I were visiting Walter in the hospital one night, the boys were with Grandma and Grandpa. When we came to get the boys, they greeted us with freshly created artwork. Instantly, I knew where I was going to hang Joe’s artwork. And for this and so much more, I am thankful.

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Fat Friday

.:: Prep Time
Today, if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, you may be suffering from a food or family hangover. As we loaded up our car and got ready for the drive to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, I had to laugh at the grumbling and groaning taking place. So much hustle bustle in preparing for a family function can make for cranky kids and cranky spouses. Once everyone was in the car, I noticed a long period of silence. (Which is no small feat with two boys under the age of 6.) Apparently, we all needed a moment (or five) to decompress from the prep.

Once we reached my sister’s house an hour later, we were all smiles. Happy to be at our destination, we were ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. My smile grew wider when my brother arrived. My brother’s drive is shorter, just 5 minutes, which leaves little decompression time. And, based on the facial expression of my brother’s two boys, it seemed as though their family prep time also brought with it some grumbling, groaning and crankiness. Ah, the holidays!

Tonight, some of my siblings are heading to our house. We will enjoy dinner together, and then we’ll head out to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. We’re all looking forward to it. Although, since folks are coming here – Rob, the boys and I won’t have decompression time after we tackle the family-visiting-prep. Uh-oh.


The holiday craziness has begun –
‘Tis the season for food, folks and fun.

Shopping, wrapping and baking, too –
The list is long – so much to do.

The family time makes life worth living.
So, enjoy the crazy and thanks keep giving.


Be kind, and take care of yourself and each other.

Just another day at daycare

This is the third year I have put together a calendar for our daycare provider, Ms. Suzann. I ask the Moms to send me pictures of their kids to include in the calendar, and I have one or two photo days at Suzann’s house during the school year, catching the kids in their element. Because I didn’t have any good holiday pictures of the kids, I decided to head to Suzann’s house for an impromptu photo session.

To my delight, all the kids had on festive clothing! It was as if someone had contacted the parents, asking them to put their kids in holiday clothes for daycare. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an impromptu photo shoot. One thing is for certain, I did not tell Suzann what I was doing, yet she donned a red shirt! Honest!

The plan was for me to drop Charlie off at Suzann’s in the morning and linger a bit, while the other kids arrived. My lingering gave me a great opportunity to see the kids enjoying their time. I watched as they sat at the table, all eating cereal. I watched, as they decided to gather on the couch, and Charlie helped Riley take off her shoes. And, I watched as Ms. Suzann popped in a yoga DVD and gathered the kids for morning yoga.

Charlie and Caitlyn

After their morning yoga, I decided it was time for the photo shoot. Ms. Suzann and the kids came outside on the front porch, and did a great job following directions and posing for the pictures. Everyone had a great time. When I was done taking pictures, I went home. Shortly after returning home, Ms. Suzann called to say Lacy had just arrived. And, I assured Ms. Suzann that I would return in the afternoon to take some holiday shots of Lacy with her friends.

Going back to Ms. Suzann’s house in the afternoon gave me another chance to see the kids in their element. I soon learned their afternoon was an exciting one, because the four bunnies at Ms. Suzann’s house ‘broke free’ from their pen. Actually, the bunnies had broken out of their pen earlier in the morning, but the excitement didn’t pick up until the afternoon. The kids had successfully corralled two of the four bunnies, but the two other bunnies were still hunkered down under a nearby barn.

While I was visiting and waiting for Lacy to wake up from her nap, I watched the other kids keeping their eyes on the windows. The kids were watching for any bunny sightings. I listened, as the kids chatted, and I was amazed at how they encouraged each other with every word. And, when Lacy woke from her nap, I watched as the kids greeted her – so excited she was awake.

Lacy and Charlie

Once Lacy was dressed in her holiday attire, I gathered the kids for another photo shoot. Again, the kids did a great job of listening and posing. The kids listened so well, I was done taking pictures within five minutes. And, because it was the end of the day, I gathered Charlie’s things and was ready to take him home with me. However, Charlie wanted to stay; he wasn’t ready to go home. So, with Ms. Suzann’s permission, I sat in the corner, watching the kids have fun.

I enjoyed watching the kids play. I smiled, as Lacy reached into one of the bunnies’ crates, grabbed a carrot and started eating it. The bunny just watched, clearly willing to share. I welcomed the opportunity, when Riley and Lacy came to me and asked me to read a book. Shortly after I started reading, others joined us on the couch to listen to the story.

Today, Joe gets to spend the day with Ms. Suzann, because he does not have school. Charlie was excited to have Joe back in the classroom. And, this morning, Charlie said he was slow to wake up because, “I was dreaming about Joe loving Caitlyn and Riley.” Joe heard Charlie and he said, “Yeah, I can’t wait to play with Caitlyn and Riley.” The boys were so excited to spend the day with Ms. Suzann.

Riley and Ms. Suzann

“What do we call Ms. Suzann’s again?” Charlie asked. “Do you mean ‘daycare’?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Daycare.”

As we went to get into the car, Joe was bouncing along saying, “Today is a special day at Ms. Suzann’s house.” And Charlie said, “Joe, every day is a special day at Ms. Suzann’s house. We always do special things.”

Ms. Suzann’s house is more than daycare. Ms. Suzann’s house is special place the kids love visiting. I’ve sung Ms. Suzann’s praises several times. It seems fitting that I write this post a day before Thanksgiving, because Suzann is high on my list of things for which I am thankful.