I thought we were close

I’m trying to put it to the side. Honest. And by ‘it’, I mean Facebook chatter. I mean, seriously, how many of you are growing increasingly tired of reading about Facebook woes? Put your hands down, please. It was a rhetorical question.

A friend of mine sent me a YouTube video from Prairie Home Companion. I really enjoy Prairie Home Companion, and I find Garrison Keillor funny and entertaining. The video (really just audio) was from a Prairie Home Companion episode in early October. And Garrison’s song? “Unfriended”.

As one might assume from the title of the song, “Unfriended” is about being unfriended on Facebook. His lyrics are quite comical. And I feel confident enough to safely assume many people have literally felt what he describes. The line I liked best was “You posted a comment, I thought we were close.”

I find it funny that Garrison, a 68yr old man (I checked Wikipedia, so it must be true) is writing and singing about Facebook. And, I love the fact that the folks in the audience laugh at his lyrics. It is comical. Quite comical. Yet, a part of me is curious about the people in the audience. How many of those folks are active Facebook users? How many of those folks have gotten excited when they received a comment from some obscure ‘friend’? How many of those folks were disheartened when they noticed a ‘friend’ was suddenly gone?

As silly as Facebook is – we still manage to get sucked into it. Oh, I know, you are the exception. You just access it every now and again, you don’t really pay attention to all the status updates, etc. Yes, I know. Clearly, I’m not speaking to you. But for the others, including myself, we’re sucked into it.

I have two friends – real life friends that I can see, feel and converse with using my real vocal chords – and they have yet to step into the world of Facebook. Good for them. To reach out to these two gals, I actually have to pick up a phone, get in a car or send them a note. Get this. These gals aren’t even on Twitter! I know. Shocking, eh? The humanity.

In truth, I know just as many folks who don’t use Facebook and Twitter as I know that use Facebook and Twitter. There are several people out there who are still Facebook free. And sometimes – sometimes I wish I was free from Facebook. Then again, my boys are really cute and well – I think everyone wants to see just how cute they are – right? Am I right?! Plus, Stacey commented on my last status update. I think she and I are close, and I’m sure we’ll meet face to face soon.

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