Facing the crazy and smiling.

I haven’t yet determined how the fact that my child loves wearing socks with sandals plays into my post. Still, I share with you a picture of my child, proudly donning his Superman costume, complete with socks and sandals. For the record, this child wanted to wear different colored socks. Though I let him don mismatch socks on most days, I stepped in and requested he wear two red socks for Halloween.

Again, I haven’t figured out how the above information ties in with my writing for the day, but I think it has to do with craziness. Charlie is silly crazy. And, as I have indicated in a post (or 10), I am crazy crazy. Well, I haven’t been diagnosed as crazy crazy, but I am certain my family and friends would back me up on this: “Some things don’t need to be diagnosed to be true.”

The past four weeks have been challenging for me. In addition to my daytime paid gig, my overnight paid gig and my unpaid gig of being a mom and wife, I’ve been battling a persistent cough. Being busy is one thing when you are feeling 100%, but when you are feeling less than 50% – it’s hard to keep up with the demand.

This past Friday I let myself stay in bed all day. My boss gave me a pass, my husband gave me a pass and my kids gave me a pass. By Saturday, my husband convinced me it was high time (overdue, actually) to see a doctor; and by Saturday night, I had a prescription for an antibiotic in my hand. And this antibiotic – Zpack, as the doctor called it – was going to give me my life back. Then the proverbial straw broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist to get two so-called ‘small’ cavities filled. Ugh! I was already in a constant state of exhaustion, due to staying up all night two nights a week with the expectation of being fully functional the following day and night. And now? Now I was exhausted AND in pain. (I was also having a hard time eating and drinking due to a numb lower jaw and tongue.) I was on the verge of calling it quits on my overnight paid gig, because it seemed harder for me to bounce back from the blips of life. The trip to the dentist left me feeling as though a truck had run over me – again – and again – and again. Not surprisingly, I went to be early last night.

Cue sunrise…. Good morning! Wow. What a difference a day, four doses of antibiotics and an ibuprofen makes. I feel like a brand new person! Seriously. I have been dragging for the past four weeks. Running at no where near 100%, I watched myself let so many things fall to the wayside. My life was full of crazy, and I was too tired to do anything about it.

This morning, as I got the boys ready for school, I heard myself whistling. Whistling! And, I noticed the pep in my step had returned. Though the list of things to tackle is not shorter and the expectations of two paid gigs, parenthood and marriage still exist, the difference is – I am looking into the crazy and smiling. I have my energy back. I am motivated to accomplish things that need accomplishing, and I have the energy to accomplish things. The doctor said it would take time for the drugs to make a difference, and well – Hellooo difference! Great to see you!

Have I tied my son’s ‘crazy’ dressing style into my post? Perhaps not. Still, he’s happy with his crazy self, and I am – once again – happy with my crazy self.

One thought on “Facing the crazy and smiling.

  1. Unh-unh, l.l. Bean. I will either take off with all of the socks or all of the sandals in your home to make sure you are not passing that awful combination to your kids. You are hurting my fashion-forward feelings!

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