Flighty Friday Begins Now

Today, I am entering my first Flighty Friday post. Finally, a day where I can forgo focus and just write. Wait. You haven’t found any signs of focus in my previous posts? Whatever. You are now entering the Flighty Friday zone.

Someone made a comment to me about people who talk about vibes and good/bad energy. And, truth be told, I am one of those vibes/good/bad energy kind of person. Anyway, my friend continued with her train of thought. She suggested folks should send their thoughts directly to someone, like God. Then she started to say that all the energy is floating around willy nilly, and no one knows where it really goes. I started laughing, and I said, “Yeah, maybe all the vibes/good/bad energy being sent by people is cause of the hole in the ozone!”

Just think, those who work hard to bring in the good energy and expel the bad energy are destroying the ozone with their continued non-guided release of energy.  Who would have thought?! The naturalists are causing global warming.


Today, Joe is taking part in the evaluation/testing process of admissions for the Montessori school. I’m not sure what is involved with the evaluations and testing. I have been waiting for this for two weeks. I am excited to see how he does – well, provided he does well and is accepted into the school. I’ll be sure to send him some positive and good energy.


I was watching an episode of Frontline earlier this week. This particular episode focused on the vaccination debate. One of the people interviewed made the comment that the internet has changed everything. Much like the thought ‘if you see it on TV, it must be true’, the thought exists for many that if you read about it on the internet it must be true.

How many forwarded emails have you received warning you not to flash your headlights, alerting you that there may be strangers in your trunk or encouraging your to forward the email to 10 people so you’ll see a neat trick? Snopes.com exists for a reason. Stories are posted on the internet and emailed to thousands of people, with many buying the information hook, line and sinker. Yet, oftentimes, the information shared is completely false or not entirely accurate. Oh, and don’t forget one of the newest false claims: “I checked Snopes and it is true!”


“Cinders and ashes!” Thomas the tank engine is quite an entertaining show. I must tip my hat to the boys and their taste in programming. I enjoy watching Thomas the tank engine with them. “Bust my buffers! The engines cause confusion and delay!” Still, the engines seems to learn a lesson by the end of the episode, which is not true for one monkey by the name of George. However, I think I’d prefer to be Curious George vs. a tank engine. George seems to have all the fun without the consequences.


Joe once told me he thought I was as smart as a Troodon dinosaur. Apparently, the Troodon was one of the more intelligent dinosaurs. However, showing clear signs of intelligence, I often asked, “Joe, what is the name of the dinosaur you say I am as smart as?” Growing tired of answering the same question, he finally said, “Troodon. Say it Mommy. Tro-ah-don.”


I have come to the end of my first Flighty Friday post. Thrilling wasn’t it? Have a super dooper weekend. May it be free from wee-honkness and doogie-whomper sentiments. And, may you go easy on the non-directed energy releases, believe nothing you read or hear about until after you’ve researched it yourself, catch an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and check your wits against the Troodon. Toodles!

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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