Swim Little Fishies

I love Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). More importantly, my boys love ISR. Well, my boys love it after a day or two; initially, they didn’t much like going under water.

We have an in-ground pool in our backyard, and the boys have been in our pool several times. Though, last year, we decided to close the pool for good, because it was too expensive for us to maintain. Anyway, backyard pool or neighborhood pool, accidents can happen. Making sure the boys took swim lessons was important to me. See, when I was a little over 1yr old, I fell in our family pool. My Mom, who just stepped away for a second, heard the splash and came running out to find me at the bottom of the pool. She pulled me out, and well – clearly I am fine. OK, whether I am ‘fine’ may be debatable, but I am alive and well.

When I am around pools with my boys, I want to be confident they know how to swim to the side of the pool and get themselves out of the pool. I knew of YMCA swimming lessons, as well as a local aquatic center near our house. Still, I asked friends for other referrals. I was interested in finding out about one-on-one lessons. My friend, Andrea, mentioned ISR. She had her daughter take lessons through the program. After accessing the website, I checked to see if there were any ISR teachers in my area. And sure enough, I found someone who was close enough to take the boys.

Of course, I found this woman late last year, after outdoor swimming lessons season. Even with no lessons, we still enjoyed the pool and our trip to the shore. However, the boys were in their life vests at all times. I was excited when Michelle contacted me in February, letting me know she was starting to schedule swimming lessons this year. I felt like a little kid, as I anxiously awaited for the last week of April and the first week of swimming lessons.

Our first week of swimming lessons has been so much fun. As I said earlier, Joe and Charlie were a bit hesitant at first, especially when instructed to go under the water. But, with each passing day, the boys have done better and better. By Wednesday, Joe was eager to go under, swim to the steps and float on his back. Though Charlie cried when getting in the pool, he quickly calmed down and was smiling as he swam to the steps and floated on his back. My husband took the boys to swim lessons today, so I could head to my boss’ house. I hate that I had to miss even one lesson. Rob said that both Joe and Charlie were eager to get in the pool and swim. Charlie did not shed a single tear. (I am sorry I missed it.)

One of the most amazing parts of taking the boys to their swimming lessons is seeing the infants learn to swim. Joe and Charlie are 5yrs and 3 1/2 years old. The little girl who has her lesson before the boys is only 14 months old. And, the little boy who has his lesson after the boys is around 6 months old. And, when Michelle puts these ‘babies’ in the pool, it is incredible to see their natural swimming instinct kick into gear. I watched as these two babies literally moved their arms and kicked their legs in order to get to the steps. Amazing.

If you have little ones and have considered swimming lessons for your little ones, I strongly recommend you look into an ISR certified trainer/teacher. You’ll be amazed, and your little one(s) will become pool and swim safe.  I am finding this to be a great and fun moment in the boys’ life, and I look forward to taking them to their lesson tomorrow.

One thought on “Swim Little Fishies

  1. We LOVE Michelle (I am assuming she is our same ISR Michelle in Woodstock)…and ISR was THE BEST investment we have made since our boys birth….they went through it at 2.5 years old and have been little fish ever since….two are on the swim team this year! More importantly, I knew without a doubt they were all capable of self rescue if they ever fell into a pool/body of water and that was/is priceless.

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