Waiting Rooms and Men in Hats

I had a doctor’s appointment thisĀ  morning. Due to shortness of breath and some chest pains, I wanted to get my heart checked. All looks good. No worries. Took a stress test and passed. (Not sure if that means that ‘yes, you do have stress’.)

The appointment experience was fantastic! I really had a nice time. Now, I did get off to a rough start because I had a hard time finding the office building. But, once I realize the ‘Lifetime Fitness-looking’ building was actually a medical office complete with a very large sign, I – well, I felt stupid. The building was so obvious I was oblivious. The clock on the sign-in desk was also so obvious that I proceeded to not see it and ask, “What time is it?” So. Not the best start. Continue reading “Waiting Rooms and Men in Hats”