I paid for this

Hello. It is Noon and I am sitting at a local Starbucks. This blog may give me reasons to get out, enjoy more coffee and make live observations of the world around me. Rather than head to the airport for people watching, which really was hampered with 9/11 and the security changes. I mean, prior to 9/11, you could walk your family and friends to the gate. And, as any people watcher knows, the best people are walking to and from the gate. Ah, but I digress …

I watched CBS Sunday Morning this morning. Watching Sunday Morning is one of my morning rituals, when I skip church and have the house to myself. Well, this morning they did a story on the female director of ‘It’s Complicated’. I don’t remember her name, I’m sorry. She also directed Father of the Bride I and II, as well as Baby Boom. Three excellent movies. Ah, again, I digress.

Ok, so the woman spoke about how many of her ideas come from real life. She stated her imagination is not all that great. I can relate. Though I have no problem daydreaming or thinking about things that are not real, I find my mind does a better job of imagination when I incorporate real life. And now I will bring this full circle…

As I sit at this local Starbucks, paying for wireless internet access, I am able to babble about the real world through my very own imagination. For instance, a gentleman is sitting in a chair to my left. Prior to taking his seat, he put his book down on the table next to mine, while he ordered his coffee. I glanced at his book, and I laughed to myself. (Had I laughed out loud, it would have blown my cover, right?)

This anonymous gentleman is reading “In Search of the Obvious” by Jack Trout. Now, because information is so instantaneous, I could find out more about the book and the author with a quick Google search. Perhaps you have already done the search, or quite possibly, you are a more avid reader than I am, and you know the book and author. Me? I do not. And, I am not going to Google to find out about the book or the author. At least, I won’t Google it now. I am going to enjoy the coincidence or irony of having this man place his book on the table next to mine. As I observe the world around me, the title of the book mocks me – humors me – it states the obvious.

So, as I sit, having enjoyed a Strawberry & Blueberry Yogurt Parfait and sipping my water, I come to a close on my weekend away. I checked into a hotel on Friday, spending a full weekend all by myself. And, though I was all by myself, I never once felt alone. It’s amazing how you can be surrounded by tons of people and feel alone, yet be by yourself and feel surrounded (or something like that). Whatever. I enjoyed my weekend. I look forward to seeing the boys when I get home, and I look forward to seeing my husband. And you know, this weekend did me some good. I hope to do this more – I hope to get away for more weekends by myself.

Before I return to my world of motherhood and wifehood, I look around me in search of the obvious. This Starbucks is becoming busy, as the traffic increases. The rain doesn’t seen to keep folks away from their caffeine fix. I see couples, girlfriends, family and men. Surprisingly, I see many single men. And, I use the term ‘single’ to mean they are, like me, alone. They did not come with a friend, a spouse, a coworker or family member. I wonder about their story. Are they lonely or just alone? Are they enjoying moments of silence away from their noisy and action packed house? Are they doing research for a school project? As I search for the obvious, it becomes obvious that some things aren’t so obvious.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. My weekend is coming to a close. I will leave this local Starbucks and head to a local grocery store. I will buy some hot dogs and marshmallows, because the boys asked me to bring that home for them. (How blessed I am to have boys with simple requests, eh?) I will return to my life, though I never really left it. And, I hope I bring a greater sense of clarity home with me. I hope I bring a greater sense of motivation to make myself, my marriage and my life better. No promises to myself or you.

Though what this weekend gave me was priceless, it wasn’t free. This weekend, this break and even this wireless internet access . . . I paid for this.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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