Thoughts from a Sick Caretaker

I checked the junk drawer this morning, in search of some magic beans. Sadly, I was unable to find magic beans. Looks like I’ll have to tackle the day using my own super hero abilities. Now, where did I put my super hero abilities? I’m finding it hard to locate anything in the house, these days. I’ve been an out of commission Mom the past couple of days. And, since my faithful assistant, Daddy Rob, reported for duty, things have gotten a little out of whack, so to speak.

On Sunday, the boys seemed to enjoy the Kibbles n’ Bits they had for lunch, and the dogs loved the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Though, I think the dogs were sad that the crusts were cut off of the sandwiches. On Monday, our day care provider wondered why our dog, Cherokee, was brought to class, while Joe was stuck in the crate on our porch. No worries, Rob realized the mix-up, as soon as he noticed the electric collar didn’t fit properly on Joe. He returned to Suzann’s house, dropping Joe off and picking up Cherokee. Meanwhile, Charlie and I sat on the couch, blowing our noses, coughing and moaning.

Today, Rob has gotten the hang of distinguishing the dog duties and the kid duties. Joe made it to Suzann’s house safe and sound; and, the dogs, to their disappointment, were given the proper food for breakfast. Rob is working from home today, while Charlie and I continue to blow our noses, cough and moan. I am bucking up as best I can today, picking up some of the clutter that has accumulated over the past couple of days. I am also trying to put away the comforters and flannel sheets, replacing them with lighter covers and cooler sheets. Happily, I’ve even managed to organize the linen closet a bit.

Still, my head is as thick as a brick, and my thoughts are discombobulated in a fog. I am pacing myself, trying to accomplish some things pertaining to both work and home. The fact that my boss and her family are out of town is a nice coincidence. And, since she is out of town, I have a greater flexibility on completing my weekly tasks. Then again, because she is out of town, she is using instant message to stay in touch with us and making sure time-sensitive tasks are tackled. I am finding it quite challenging to read her messages and provide a comprehensive response, while my head is clogged. She appreciated me telling her to only use the sharpened pencil while at the drawing table, and learning I would make her lunch soon, but she nicely clued me to the fact that she was not Charlie. Right. I’m sorry, I responded. She then sent me a synopsis of what needed to be done today. My boss rocks.

Thankfully, both my boss and my husband are expecting very little from me today. And though Charlie may expect the same ol’ same ol’ from me, he’s a trooper, who also has a foggy head. He and I are able to speak a similar language today, and we share the lack of a prolonged attention span. I am behind in many of my “Mom” duties, including grocery shopping and laundry. Fortunately, Rob and the boys don’t mind eating cereal and sandwiches every day (with a side of Kibbles n’bits), and they seem pretty comfortable recycling clothes, too. So, while they expect little to nothing from me, I’ll ignore the mess. Hopefully, the fog will clear by morning.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Sick Caretaker

  1. Oops, I didn’t notice the date either. But I knew you were sick so it didn’t seem like an odd post and it didn’t occur to me that it was a repost.

    I don’t know how you can get anything at all done with the flu. You’re like superwoman!

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